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Caught Wanting A Spanking
I didn't hear you come in. Had I heard you I would have turned of this naughty video I was watching. But as it is, you have caught me watching as a girl is bent over a desk and is having her naked bottom spanked by an older man. A few weeks ago, after we had both had a few drinks too many, you gave me my first spanking. I had never imagined that being dominated would have turned me on, but since that night I haven't been able to stop thinking about it but was too shy to tell you. Embarrassed, I go to turn off the video as you sit down beside me.

You stop me. "There is no point trying to hide your actions now. I've already caught you red handed naughty girl. Let's keep watching just to see how naughty you are."

I look at the timer on the video and cringe. Of course this had to be a 15 minute video that was just starting. I kick myself for not having chosen something shorter.

We both sit in silence, except for the sounds of the video. I keep my eyes on the video, as I'm too embarrassed to make eye contact with you. I can feel your eyes on me, taking in everything you see. I hadn't started touching myself yet but I had moved my skirt up, slightly exposing my lacy panties. I had also undone the buttons on my blouse, revealing my matching pink lace bra. My hard nipples are visibly pushing out against the blouse. I am longing for you to touch them. Pinch them. Roll them in between your fingers.

"Are you enjoying the video?" You ask me teasingly.

"I didn't think you were going to be home. I just turned it on and would never have if I thought you would catch me." I respond, flustered by having been caught.

"That doesn't answer my question. It just proves to me you are naughty. Again, are you enjoying the video?" You respond, this time sternly, which turns me on.

"It's just starting," I respond shyly "I don't know if it's any good yet."

"Well that's a saucy answer. I guess we will have to keep watching and see what effects it has on you. From that I will decide what punishment you deserve." I note excitement in your voice even though you are speaking in a very serious tone.

Just the mention of punishment makes me very excited, wanting to encourage you to follow through on a real punishment but nervous about this new role of acting submissive, I shyly whisper "I think its already making me wet."

You give me an evil smile as you move your hand to between my legs, slowly moving up my smooth thighs. I feel your fingers searching for a wet spot on my lace panties. I can't help but open my legs for you, eager for your touch. Having found the wet spot you desired, you start rubbing the rough lace. I love the feeling of lace against my pussy. The texture of the material is emphasized by your strong fingers. I give a little gasp which makes you smile. You say "You naughty girl.. Pull these aside so I can feel if your pussy lips are also as wet."

I pull up my skirt a bit more and pull the lacy material aside to allow you to see my shinny pink pussy lips and wetness coming from my slit. Your face tells me you aren't disappointed.

I continue to hold the panties aside for you as you start you finger just outside my wet hole and move it along my pussy lips towards my clit. You run it back and forth a few times. Slipping your finger between the lips but careful neither to touch my clit or put your fingers into me. You are driving me mad.

As I feel the excitement building in me you stop, taking your hand away and looking at me very seriously. I'm flustered and disappointed. I want more but can see from your face that you don't plan to continue yet. I'm not sure if I should let go of my panties and cover myself again or not, so I stay perfectly still.

"What? You expect me to pleasure you despite you being so naughty?" You say. "No my dear, I was just checking to see how bad you've been. There is no question now that you are a bad, bad girl. As I see it, your crimes are firstly, watching videos without me. Secondly, as is obvious from your state of being half dressed, you are guilty of planning to touch yourself, excluding me from your pleasuring. And your third crime is being so very wet. I will need to see this whole movie to decide how to best punish you. That gives you until the end of the movie to prove to me you deserve to be pleasured after the punishment."

You unzip you pants and open them, looking to me to know my duty. I let go of my panties but in my nervous state they slip and instead of covering me back up, they only cover one pussy lip. I'm too nervous to fix them.

In the video, the girl is still bent over the desk being spanked. The spanking however have become less steady as the man takes time between easy one to rub her behind, play with her pussy lips and clit, and finger her wet pussy. She is moaning softly with pleasure. Hopeful that I will soon be in the same situation, I put my hand into your boxers to discover a semi-hard cock. I love discovering you like this. It turns me on so much to feel you getting harder and harder. I gently play with you inside your boxers for a few moments before you are too hard and I need to take you out in order to keep playing.

I pretend to be paying attention to it however still am watching the movie as I start to handle you, sliding my hand up and down the shaft.

My attention is pulled from you to the movie as the man has turned his attentions fully to her pussy. He is rubbing it. Fingering it. And most excitingly to me, giving it gentle slaps. With each slap on her pussy I can feel my own pussy getting wetter. You let me enjoy the scene for a few moments as I continue to play with you. I run my hand the full length of you cock several times and then, as I get more distracted, switch to just a few fingers circling the head and over the top.

The video is transitioning as the man pulls out his cock and is preparing to enter her, currently rubbing it around her wet pussy and on her ass red from spanking.

My drifting attention frustrates you. "I told you, this isn't about your pleasure." You sternly say. "Stop being selfish and put my cock in my mouth." I love hearing you tell me that. It's one of my favourite phrases in my fantasies, along with "bend over" and "you've been a naughty girl."

I bring my face down towards you cock, kissing your tip and then opening my lips slightly as I push my face down, letting you savour the feeling of slowing being taken deeply into my mouth. Just as slowly, I lift my head, keeping my lips tight around you so you can feel the whole experience. I repeat this several times, down and up, each time getting quicker until I start to build up a steady rhythm.

I can no longer see the video but can hear them fucking. I know you are watching it but I'm starting to feel bratty. Hoping to get you to pay attention to me I stop what I'm doing and start to focus just on your cock head, bringing just it in and out of my mouth and then taking your cock into my hands I focus just on licking the tip and head. Drawing circles with my tongue and licking the rim around the head. As I still am not distracting you enough I look up to your face as I flick the tip with my tongue and then start licking the whole length like an ice cream cone. Between licks I start to say "Mmmmm" as though it was the best ice cream I've ever had.

You let me continue, but when you finally look down at my face you realize that I've been trying to distract you. "Shouldn't you be showing me that you are a good girl right now? This behaviour is just proving to me that you are naughty and not deserving any pleasure after your punishment. Stop fooling around and put my cock back in your mouth."

I pout a little for not getting praised for my licking but follow your instruction.

This time you are not letting me get distracted again. You put your hand into my long hair, and firmly grabbing a handful, you start guiding my head up and down. You quickly return me to a regular rhythm as I alternate between just having your cock go in and out of my mouth, sucking gently with the in-outs, and trying to use my tongue more as you move me along the length.

I can tell you are getting closer and closer to cumming. I can hear too that the video is coming to an end. I can hear her sucking him as well. Soon he will cum on her body but I know you prefer a seamless experience and won't stop to cum, but rather will cum in my mouth. You've jokingly said before "it makes for easier cleanup and more lets you more quickly move onto the next steps."

You continue to move me up and down your hardness, now going deeper and deeper, more forcefully pushing me to take more and more. Although my eyes become slightly watery from suppressing my gag reflex, I am happy to take more, loving the feeling of your cock in my mouth and my hair being pulled.

As you are about to cum you release my hair. This is my warning. I keep sucking on my own, knowing soon I will have a full mouth of your hot seed. Soon, as anticipated, you cum and I swallow as much as I can. Not being able to swallow it all as quickly as you cum, I switch back to licking, cleaning you up.

Once you are clean. I sit back up. I notice the video has ended and wonder when that happened as I was so distracted. I know what the end of the video means. I wait patiently as you collect yourself, staring as the ended video screen.

After a few silent minutes you turn to me and say, "Well naughty girl, time for your punishment. Follow me." You get up and head to the bedroom. I hesitate for only a moment before I follow you, nervous and excited for what's to come...
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