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Terra's Play Thing
Just as she is getting ready to leave work, Terra receives a call from Jung Li, a teenage girl from the local college. Jung Li first met Terra at a lesbian meeting on campus and had recently taken a challenge from Terra and Marte, Terra's lover.

Terra answers the phone. "Hello Jung Li. How are you?"

"I am doing great, but I miss you. Do you think we could get together soon?" Jung Li says on the other end of the phone.

A large grin forms on Terra's face. "For sure. I have to get an okay from Marte first, but I think it should be fine. How about tomorrow evening?"

"I get out of class at 3pm so that should work for me." Jung Li says with a tone of excitement in her voice.

"Are you sure you are lesbian?" Terra asks out of the blue.

Jung Li finds the question odd. "Yes, why do you ask?"

"Just curious." Terra says, pausing for a second before continuing. "Have you ever been with a man?"

"No." Jung Li replies. "I really haven't dated anyone."

An idea pops into Terra's head. "I was just curious. I have an idea. Why don't you see if you can find a couple of guys to accompany you over to my place tomorrow night?"

"I can invite a few of my friends. Why would you like them to come?"

"You will see." Terra replies. "Make sure you wear some sexy underwear tomorrow."

Terra finishes up the conversation then walks into the back of the store to find Marte. Marte is finishing up counting down her till. She looks up and sees a large smile on Terra's face.

"Hey Marte. I just finished talking to Jung Li. She wants to come over with a few guy friends tomorrow. I told her to make sure it was okay with you first. What do you think?"

Marte laughs to herself. "What are you up to Terra?"

Terra giggles. "I want to make sure Terra is truly a lesbian. She said she has never been with a man so I was thinking we could test her just to make sure...and maybe have a little fun in the meantime. Are you up for a little fun?"

"Perhaps." Marte replies. "Tell me a little more about your idea on the way home."

The two women finish closing up the store and drive to Terra's home. Marte agrees to Terra's brilliant plan. Terra calls Jung Li back and let's her know the plan is good to go.

The next day seems to drag on forever in Terra's opinion. Their best friend and the third partner in their business, Cindy, agrees to close up the store so Terra and Marte cut out a little early and head back to Terra's house.

Marte prepares a casserole while Terra prepares the spare bedroom for some fun. The doorbell rings. Terra races out of the bedroom into the front of the house and opens the front door. She gives Jung Li a big hug and invites her, along with her two male friends, into the house.

Jung Li introduces a classmate of hers, Hideo, to the girls. Terra is drawn into his handsome face. He is dressed in a blue and white striped polo shirt and jeans. Terra glances down to see what type of package he is packing. She cannot see much and feels a little disappointed.

The other friend is introduced as Mark. He is a tall, blond haired, athletic looking guy. Terra notices his larger arms and chest. She approves of him. She looks down and feels fairly impressed.

Marte invites everyone into the kitchen where they sit at the kitchen table and get to know each other a little bit while eating the casserole. Terra can hardly contain herself, strongly anticipating the future events.

When the meal is finished, Terra barrows Jung Li and escorts her into the spare bedroom. Jung Li has a suspicion that the men will somehow be involved in whatever happens tonight. She feels nervous of the unknown as she follows Terra. When they are in the bedroom, Terra shuts the door behind them and explains what is going to happen.

Terra pats the bed, inviting Jung Li to sit down next to her on the side of the bed. "I have another challenge for you."

"I figured you might." Jung Li says with a shy smile. She notices a blindfold lying on the pillow at the head of the bed.

"I want to make sure you are truly lesbian. You have never been with a man, so I am not sure you are a full blown lesbian. I want to test you out to make sure. I came up with a great test to find out. You are going to undress and put on the blindfold, then lay on the bed. One by one, we are going to come in and make advances toward you. They will not speak or have sexual intercourse with you during this period. What I want you to do is try to guess which one is male and which one is female. I also want you to decide which one made you feel the best."

Jung Li started to feel a little awkward. She would be lying naked in front of two of her male friends. What would they think of her afterwards? Would they run their mouths at school the next day?

Terra continued, "After the first round, you will see if you can guess which one was male and which one was female. The one who you think was the best will receive a special surprise. Are you okay with this?"

Jung Li spoke her concerns. Terra comforted her and assured her she would make sure the men would not say a word about tonight's events to anyone else. Terra then left the room and allowed Jung Li to disrobe in privacy. While she was gone, Marte explained to the males what was about to happen. Terra joined the three of them in the kitchen, seeing wide grins on both of the guys faces.

Terra told them that she would go first since this was her idea, the two men would go next and Marte would go last. She gained confirmation from the guys that none of this would leave the house or make it back to the university. The guys so excited to be involved, quickly agreed.

After giving Jung Li a few minutes, Terra lit a fragrance candle and brought it with her into the spare bedroom. Jung Li was resting on the center of the bed, naked and blindfolded. Her legs were pressed together with her arms to her side. Terra set the candle on the bedside table then moved to the foot of the bed. She softly moved onto the bed, putting her palms on the heels of Jung Li's feet and spreading them.

Next, she carefully straddled Jung Li's right leg, just before her crotch and softly massaged her breasts and nipples for a minute. With four minutes of alloted time left, Terra used the underneath of her fingers to softly massage Jung Li's vagina. She started softly and quickly picked up the pace until Jung Li's lips separated, giving her access to the inner folds.

Moving in between Jung Li's toned legs, Terra used most of the last two minutes to skillfully run her tongue up and down Jung Li's inner slit and circle her clit. She was happy to pull a few moans out of Jung Li's mouth. With just thirty seconds left, Terra inserted a finger inside Jung Li's vagina while sucking on her clit. Jung Li's hips bolted off the bed the moment Terra's warm, wet lips surrounded her swollen clitoris. With time up, Terra slid off the bed and exited the room, closing the door behind her.

Jung Li sighed to herself, disappointed the pleasing stopped. She was surprised how quickly she became turned on. She wondered if it was partly from the anticipation of the last day. She lay still and anxiously, yet nervously, awaited the next person.

Terra made sure to point out that no one was allowed to allow Jung Li to orgasm, before sending Hideo to the bedroom. Hideo reminded himself that he was not allowed to speak. He had shaved a few minutes earlier so that Jung Li would not be able to guess he was a male by his scruff.

He enters the room and takes in the beautiful body of Jung Li and licks his lips. He can feel his pants begin to stir in excitement. He climbs on the bed and immediately straddles Jung Li's stomach, heading straight for her breasts. He takes two hands full of her firm breasts, kneading and squeezing them. He enjoys the softness of her firm breasts.

Next, he leans in and sucks on her nipples, slightly biting down on them until she grunts from the tiny jolt of pain. After nibbling one more time, he slides his hands down her legs and massages her inner thighs with his thumbs a few seconds. His hands move inward. He places a thumb on her clitoris hood and makes tiny circles while sliding two fingers on the opposite hand inside her vagina. He pumps the two fingers inside her wet insides. Her hips bounce against his hand as he moves her close to an orgasm.

The thumb massaging her clitoral hood is driving her crazy. She thrusts her hips against his hand, trying to gain as much pleasure as she can while his fingers thrust in and out of her. Regretfully for both of them, Hideo runs out of time. He slides off the bed, trying to hide the major tent in his pants.

Hideo leaves the room and makes a detour into the restroom to give himself time to let his tent retract. After a minute, he retreats into the kitchen. Terra gives him a high five. Everyone is smiling and having fun in the kitchen as they sip on a glass of white wine.

Mark takes one last gulp of wine before making his way into the bedroom. Jung Li is very horny and thankful she has a new visitor. She is no longer nervous or worried about who is seeing her naked. All she wants is for them to touch her.

Mark starts by leaning over the side of the bed and running his fingers softly up and down the arms, legs and stomach of Jung Li's body. He can feel the hair on her body standing on edge. She moans softly, wanting much more. After a minute, Mark spreads her legs even more and rolls her over onto her stomach. He positions himself under her, with the bottom half of his body hanging off the foot of the bed. He lowers Jung Li's bare vagina down onto his mouth.

Using his tongue, Mark runs the tip up and down her slit, pressing it inside of her lips at the bottom and circling her exposed clitoris at the top. He uses his hands to massage her butt cheeks. She is moaning and growing frequently. She cannot help but grind her aching pussy against his face. She wishes she was allowed to touch this person. Instead she props herself up on her elbows, giving the person room underneath her body. Mark uses continues to eat her out until his time is up.

He slides out from underneath her and exits the room, proud of the erection he is sporting. Terra licks her lips and winks at him when he enters the kitchen. She cannot help but stare at his erection, poking through his jeans.

Marte laughs at him. She is glad she does not have an awkward penis between her legs. She wonders to herself how many times men are caught in a compromising position by being aroused in public. She takes a deep breath, a chug of wine, then heads for the spare bedroom.

She finds a horny, wet teenager lying on her stomach in the center of the bed. She spreads Jung Li's legs and inserts a finger inside her glistening hole right away. She allows her finger to linger deep inside the teenager while placing kisses on Jung Li's anal opening. Her kisses become wet licks.

Jung Li coos, having never felt someone pleasure her anus before. She is surprised by how good it feels. She never thought she would enjoy such actions. She cannot help but rock her hips back and forth against the finger. She wants, no, she needs more pleasure.

Marte knows that Jung Li has to be horny as hell and close to an orgasm after fifteen minutes of being teased by the three previous people. She knows she has to be careful not to give Jung Li too much pleasure and push her over the edge.

After two minutes, Marte cups Jung Li's vagina and makes long, soft strokes up and down her exposed, slick lips. Jung Li squeals and thrusts her hips toward the bed each time the fingers graze her clit. Jung Li begs for more, but is frustrated when she doesn't get what she wants.

With one minute to go, Marte spreads Jung Li's legs as wide open as she can and darts the tip of her tongue in and out of the first two inches of the spread vagina. She is horny as hell herself now and relishes in the moans and groans that come from Jung Li's mouth. With just a few seconds left, Marte buries her tongue inside Jung Li's anal opening. Jung Li's hips jerk from the surprise.

Marte exits the room and gathers the others. Everyone makes their way into the bedroom. Jung Li removes her blindfold. She is ready to pounce on anyone and everyone. She is so horny that she doesn't even realize she is the only one naked in the room.

Terra smiles and asks, "Can you tell us which ones were males and which ones were females?"

Jung Li pauses a moment to think. It is hard for her to even gain her thoughts. "Girl, boy, girl, boy?", she guesses.

Just as Terra suspected, Jung Li did not know the difference between the two sexes yet. "You were right on the first one only." Terra replies.

"It was girl, boy, boy, girl." Marte states.

"Oh wow!" Jung Li replies, shocked that she could not tell the difference. She was certain the third one was a girl."

"So out of the four, which one did you enjoy the most?" Terra asks.

Jung Li contemplates, trying to remember all four of them. "To be honest, all four of them were really good. I am surprised. If I had to pick one, honestly, I would say the third one."

Terra selfishly hoped Jung Li would pick her, but was happy she picked a man. The reward for Mark is sex with Jung Li. Jung Li would get a chance to see how she liked having sex with a man. Mark jumped up and down and shouted, "Yes!"

He quickly unbuttons his jeans and started stripping. The other three leave the room. Jung Li watches in amazement at the sight of Mark's appendage between his legs. She is surprised by the size of his penis and wonders how she will be able to take the whole thing inside her vagina.

Mark puts on a condom then climbs onto the bed and lays next to Jung Li. He lays on his side and starts massaging her right breast while making out with her. Jung Li turns to face him. She has never kissed a man before now. It is all so new to her. Her mind is preoccupied with the thought of having sex.

Mark rolls her onto her back. "Please be careful and go slow. I have never had sex before.", Jung Li pleads.

Mark smiles at the chance to take a girl's virginity. He uses his knee to separate her legs before slowly placing his hard penis at her opening. He carefully pushes his penis a couple of inches inside her, then pauses to let her walls adjust. Slowly, inch by inch, he pushes inside her.

Jung Li is amazed at how hot his penis feels inside her. She can feel him stretching her walls. She grunts when he pushes deeper. She pulls his face down to her mouth and starts kissing him deeply. Within a few seconds, Mark is slowly sliding his penis in and out of her slick walls.

Marte, Terra and Hideo are sitting on the couch in the living room. They can hear the bed begin to squeak in the spare bedroom. Terra does her best to fight off touching herself. She is horny and is sure the others are as well.

The bed continues to squeak for several minutes. They can hear moans and groans fill the bedroom. Marte turns on the television and increases the volume, trying to drown out the erotic sounds. Her attempt is mildly successful.

When the bed quits squeaking, Terra stands up and rushes to the bedroom. Marte and Hideo follow close behind. Terra opens the door and sees both Jung Li and Mark gasping for breath. Mark is laying on the bed next to Jung Li, holding her close.

Terra says, "I want to taste the juices" as she jumps on the bed and immediately pushes Mark onto his back. She wraps her lips around his soft phallus and sucks the mixed juices off of him. It has been a long time since she has tasted semen. She sucks the mixture of juices into her mouth like a dehydrated person.

Marte is a little taken back by Terra's actions, though she kind of knew it would come to this. She knew there was no way that there would be men, Terra and sexual tension in the house without Terra taking advantage of it. Marte also knew it would happen most likely when she agreed to all of this. Rather than take offense and get mad, Marte decides to also take advantage of the moment.

Turning to Hideo, Marte puts her hands on his upper arms and pulls him close to her. She leans in and meet his lips. Hideo pulls her close and cups her small butt cheeks. He squeezes the handful of flesh, holding her body against him. He can feel hers modest size breast pushing against his chest as their lips are locked.

Jung Li is spent and rests on the bed watching the action around her. Her vagina is sore. Having intercourse was okay. It was more than she ever expected, but she didn't like having a heavy man on top of her, pushing his hot manhood into her. It just felt weird to her. She is sure she prefers the soft touch of a woman.

Making room for Terra and Mark, Jung Li slides off the side of the bed and walks bow-legged into the hallway, searching for the bathroom to clean up. Terra utilizes the extra room and straddles Mark. She prefers women but still craves the manhood of a male. She lusts for him to be inside her, to fill her, to make her squeal.

Like a mad woman, Terra drags Mark up the bed and promptly straddles him, sliding his once again hardened penis between her legs. She is filled with desire. Her hormones have taken over. Her focus is solely on Mark. Terra does not even realize that there is movement going on around her. She begins rolling her hips, moving his penis around inside her vagina. She moans as it touches different spots inside her with each rotation.

Mad from desire, Terra reaches down and hastily massages her clitoris while riding Mark's pole. Mark holds Terra's hips while thrusting up toward her hips, burying himself inside her as deep as he can go. Their moans, sound of their bodies smacking, the squeaking of the bed all fill the room.

Marte pushes Hideo onto the bed next to Terra and Mark. The two of them quickly disrobe. Marte goes down on Hideo and takes him in her mouth. She holds the base of his swollen member with her right hand. Her fingers feel the heat radiating from his skin. She is encouraged by his moan when her wet lips surround the head of his penis. She licks and sucks on the tip.

Unable to ignore her lover next to her, Marte reaches out with her left hand and pinches Terra's nipple as she continues to bounce up and down on Mark's pole. Returning her focus to Hideo, Marte slides her mouth further down on top of his penis until she hits her gag reflex. She pulls back when Hideo's hips rise off the bed.

To her surprise, Hideo pulls her hips on top of him and positions her vagina in front of his face. He pulls her hips down and starts licking her sopping wet vagina. Marte moans hard on his penis as she continues to bob her head up and down his pole.

Terra slides off Mark's penis and moves around on the bed. She focuses her attention on Marte and Hideo for the first time. She is impressed that Marte is participating. Terra feels relieved that Marte is not showing disdain once she comes to the realization that she jumped on Mark's penis without even considering Marte's views on the situation first.

Ready to take a pounding, Terra moves onto all fours and spreads her legs. She howls when Mark slides inside of her. She has been craving this for a long time. As much as she loves Marte and her lesbian side, the passion of her desire for dick also rears it's head once in awhile.

Marte uses her left hand to stroke Hideo while her lips rest on his head. The sensations of his tongue inside her cause her to lose focus of what she is doing. She grinds her hips against his face, moving her hips up and down. She can feel his nose press against her clit, sending shocks through her system, each time she grinds her hips down toward his face.

Jung Li returns to the room and is shocked by all the action going on around her. She is a little confused because she was under the belief that Marte and Terra were lesbians and lovers. The sight of them both with a man causes her to re-evaluate her beliefs. Anxious to join in the fun and for the first time, take advantage of naked women, Jung Li walks over to Terra's side of the bed. She kneels down and begins kissing Terra, who is being ridden from behind.

Terra Moans in Jung Li's mouth as they passionately kiss. Jung Li can feel her body beginning to respond to the moans, the naked bodies and the passion-filled bedroom. Needing more, Jung Li climbs in between Marte and Terra. The bed is now crowded. Bodies are bumping against one another.

"Oh my God. This is fucking hot." Terra moans. Jung Li, get over hear and give me your pussy."

Jung Li does not hesitate. She adjusts her body so that her head is at the foot of the bed. She lies on her back. Terra moves the top of her body a little to the side so that she can bury her head between Jung Li's legs and devour her beautiful flower.

Marte takes turns licking the length of Hideo's penis while feverishly stroking his manhood. She can feel the underside of his head throbbing. From previous experience, she knows he is getting close. His hips are grinding up and down. His tongue is darting in and out of her, matching the speed of her hand.

Marte throws her head back, unable to focus enough to suck his penis anymore. She feels his dick slide between her fingers as she strokes him. She can hear and feel him moan into her pussy. Jung Li reaches forward and massages Marte's breasts which are within reach. The touch of Jung Li's soft, warm hands send Marte over the cliff. She grinds her crotch hard against Hideo's face, rubbing her clit against the edge of his nose. His tongue darting inside her, the pressure of his nose on her clit and the groping hands of Jung Li are all enough to send into a state of euphoria.

Hideo grunts in displeasure at the momentary lack of pleasure. Marte, enjoying her own orgasm, is holding onto his pole for support but not stroking him. He feels Marte's hot, sweaty body collapse on top of his body. Her head is between his right thigh and penis. He can feel her heavy breathing on his sweaty balls and inner thigh. The hot breath teases him. He is close and wanting to come.

Jung Li is thrusting her hips into Terra's expert tongue and moaning. She feels she can never get enough of Terra's tongue. Opening her eyes to scan the change in movement on the bed, Jung Li notices the angst of Hideo. She reaches down and wraps her hand over top of Marte's hand. She uses Marte's hand to stroke Hideo's penis.

Hideo's hips immediately begin to pump into the air. He is grunting once a second. Jung Li instinctively knows that he is close to an orgasm. Within a few seconds of feverish stroking, Hideo's penis starts shooting like a water fountain, spraying his seed all over. A glob of semen lands on Jung Li's stomach. Another lands on Marte's shoulder. A second glob of semen lands on Jung Li's outer thigh. After a few more strokes, Marte and Jung Li are sprayed with his juices.

Terra is overwhelmed by the grunts and groans around her in addition to Mark's increasing speed in which he is thrusting his hard penis inside of her. The taste, smell and movements of Jung Li's hips add to her excitement. She feels the first of a series of orgasms wash over her body. She moans over and over on Jung Li's clit.

Jung Li joins in the moaning, pairing with Terra. Hideo rolls off the bed and heads to the bathroom. Marte, who has regained strength, massages Jung Li's breasts with her hands and takes turns sucking on each one of her tiny, pencil-like nipples. The high pitched grunts of Jung Li are a turn on to Marte.

Mark can no longer last. He pulls out and sprays his semen on Terra's ass. Some stray semen lands on Jung Li's stomach and on the triangle patch of pubic hair on her mound. Spent from several orgasms, Terra lies face first on the bed. Jung Li grabs a hand full of Terra's ass cheek and squeezes it once.

Jung Li wants to touch, taste and feel a woman's body so bad. As much as she enjoyed the challenge of wearing a toy in public a couple of weeks ago and then having the girls give her an orgasm, she did not get to touch them.

Noticing that Terra has stopped licking Jung Li, Marte reaches down and starts stroking Jung Li's clit.

Jung Li exclaims, "Oh yes. That feels sooooo good." Marte looks up at Jung Li's gorgeous face and smiles. She can see the passion and lust in Jung Li's expression. She wants Jung Li more than she is willing to admit.

Mark and Hideo return to the room. Mark walks to the end of the bed and places his semi-hard penis against the side of Jung Li's face. She opens her eyes and sees the penis. Not thinking much about it, she turns her head to the side and begins sucking on his penis. This is the first time she has had a male organ in her mouth. When Mark begins to thrust his hips, his penis hits the back of Jung Li's throat. She immediately pulls her head back when she feels her gag reflex take over.

Pulling away, Mark is standing with his penis in hand, dumbfounded that Jung Li has stopped. Terra quickly slides off the bed and falls down to her knees in front of Mark. She takes over for Jung Li. Mark holds onto the edge of the bed for balance as Terra masterfully fondles his testicles and bobs her head on his pole.

Taking advantage of the free space on the bed, Marte slides on top of Jung Li and buries her face in between Jung Li's legs. Excited to finally taste her new friend, Jung Li pulls Marte's hips on top of her and buries her tongue deep inside Marte's moist vaginal lips. Jung Li cannot believe how good Marte tastes. She knows, without a doubt, that she is a lesbian.

Mark takes a seat on the head of the bed. Not able to join in the action at this moment, he starts to stroke his penis himself. The sight of watching the two females pleasure each other is a major turn on to him.

It is just a few minutes before they are all moaning and groaning. Hips are dancing in the air. The mixture of male and female scents fill the room like a deep fog. The sound of the bed squeaking joins in the concert of sounds.

Soon, the bed is filled with a big mesh of naked bodies, resting and cuddling. As tired as they are, everyone has a smile on their face. Even Jung Li who has fallen asleep is smiling.
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