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Office Fling
It was late at night in the office and nearly every room had the lights off. Except for one. The office was in your run of the mill business and had a desk, chair and a carpet floor. Carol and her husband were now in it. They had a long day working for the same company.

Both were wearing office suits and had now decided to relax in this comfy office. She was wearing a white long sleeved blouse that had 8 buttons down the front and a black skirt, which went down enough to reveal her knees, with a belt. Also, she had black heels with no socks.

Her husband was wearing an white, long sleeved office shirt with a red tie and black office appropriate pants. Plus, he had black shoes with white socks.

Carol was a pretty 29 year old woman. She had blonde hair, green eyes and pink lipstick. Religion was Protestant. Height was 5" 5' and she enjoyed her job.

On contrast, her husband was a good looking 29 year old man. He had black hair, dark brown eyes and a chiseled jaw. Religion was Roman Catholic. (The couple had decided to raise any of their children in Carol's Protestant faith). Height was 5" 9' and he was tying to climb the rungs at the business to eventually become a high position. Both of them were in love with one another.

"So how was work today?" asked Carol.

"Good," said her husband. "I'm feeling really sexy today. Want to hump now?" he then asked. Carol slightly blushed, but she realized she wanted to have sex tonight as well. Thus, the office humping began. As a couple, they were relatively new to fucking each other, but that didn't prevent them from their office hump.

"The weatherman said it was going to be hot today," her husband joked, "I now know why." With a smirk, he felt ready to be in command for the night. He then took off his tie. Quickly, he unbuttoned his shirt and flung it down on the floor.

He was now shirtless and had a huge smile on his face. The 6 pack abs were now in display at the office. Carol decided she needed to take off her clothes. She got prepped up for the night.

"You are funny," she replied to her husband, stroking his abs. Then he hugged Carol and put his lips on hers, in a sensual manner.

He kept kissing and pushing her, and she found herself near a wall. But he wanted to keep tabs on if she was as sexy as he saw her the last time they fucked. Carol was so close to the wall with him putting his tongue in her mouth. Now he pressed her breast, making her forget that she was in the office.

"Stop it," she said pushing him away. "You are ruining my work clothes," she yelled. He stepped back, looking at her with a frown on his face.

"You are ruining my work clothes, so I think I should take them off," she then told him. Now she was really getting turned on.

First she unbuttoned her top button, which was not a good view of her cleavage. But her husband was getting an erection after she did that so she knew she had to continue down her blouse. The second button came off and she was displaying her breastbones to him. A few of the couple's co-workers came to work with their top 2 buttons of their blouse unbuttoned, but they did not do what Carol was going to do now. Soon, she unbuttoned her third button, which gave a view up to the middle of her bra, but nothing below it. He was now very happy.

Then she took off her fourth button and that showed her black bra in full view. Her bra was similar to the one worn by Hayden Panettiere's character in a Nashville sex scene, only a little bit darker. Next, she unbuttoned her fifth button, which did not yet show her belly button. Yet her husband's erection was getting gigantic. Carol took off her sixth button and that displayed more of her skin. By now, her husband knew he had to find condoms.

Later she took off her seventh button, which showed her belly button. Happy as can be, her husband touched her belly button. Finally, she unbuttoned her eighth button, which was the final button on her blouse. Then she removed her shirt and threw it in a spot next to her husband's top.

Now she was standing with a bra, skirt and black heels on. However, Carol didn't want to have sex now. The couple came closer to each other and stood only an inch apart. During night time, it was a little darker in the office than during the day, but the couple knew that light availability does not determine a couple's sexual relations.

So her husband was pointing with his thumbs to his pecs, saying that he had a nice pair of them. Later they touched each other's elbows. Few seconds later, they stood with their bare shoulders touching one another. Carol then touched his armpits and realized that he had put deodorant on in the morning. Her husband smelled her armpits and figured that she had used women's health products for her pits.

"You sure can unbutton an office shirt," she told him. They soon touched each other's chests.

"I haven't touched your boobs in a long time, but they haven't changed one bit," quipped her husband. Later, she stroked his abs, while he stroked her tummy. Both were done touching each other's body. Yet her husband still had a big erection.

His erection reminded the couple that they needed to have sex tonight. Quickly, he went through his desk drawers looking for condoms but couldn't find any. However, he did find a beer bottle that the CEO of their company gave him. So he made a decision. Now they were going to drink before they humped.

Both of them would each drink half of the bottle. While they were drinking, they discussed matters that were important to them. The husband discussed men's college basketball to her. Carol, on the other hand, talked about fashion with him. Soon, they finished the bottle. At that moment, he remembered where the needed condoms were. Very excitedly he ran to the printer down the hall and found the condoms behind it. This meant they could have sex.

Clearly, they were excited for this event. So he removed his shoes and socks and kept them near their shirts. Next she took off her heels and put them near his shoes and socks. They were now barefoot, yet they felt free. He decided to remove his pants. Off came the belt buckle and he quickly pulled down his pants. Right now he was in his blue briefs and she went in and touched his penis and balls. Carol knew what to do.

She unbuckled her belt, making sure it didn't break. After that she removed her skirt by pulling it down. It was a skirt with no zipper that needed to be pulled down for removal. Now she was in her hot, black panties. Her husband's erection had become bigger. At that moment, they decided they were going to get naked.

Both of them were getting ready for this. Carol knew what to do next. She undid her bra and threw it to the floor. Her bare breasts kept her husband's eyes occupied. Later, her husband pulled down his underwear. Then he put a condom on.

Next she pulled down her panties. The couple was now naked in their workplace. Quickly, they felt the sexual urge. Her husband put his penis into her vagina and made crazy love to her. For much of the night, they had sex.

When they woke up nude on the floor the next morning, they were happy. Both of their work ethics would improve for the day. Yet if you were to ask them what their favorite work experience in their company was, this sex would top the list.
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