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Black Sissy For Black Dominatrix
As a Black mistress, I totally love it when my Black male Sluts dress up for me. Gleefully I slid my strap-on dildo into Reginald/Slut Gina's ass while spanking him and cussing him out like the bitch he is. The big Black dude is now wearing a frilly pink dress, red panties, stockings, and a wig, and his ugly mug is well-made up. Transforming macho Black trucker Reginald into my ebony Sissy whore wasn't easy, but I finally got him to admit what he is. And now he's riding my strap-on just like the Black male Sissy Slut that he was born to be.

In case you're wondering who this is, my name is Colleen Dickinson. I was born on the island of Jamaica to a European father, Colin Dickinson, and a Jamaican mother, Arlene Joseph. I'm five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, with light brown skin, long curly Black hair and lime-green eyes. I've got big tits, wide hips and a big round ass, and that makes me irresistible to the men folk out here in Ontario, Canada. A bodacious woman of mixed ancestry like myself stands out among the pale and skinny bitches of Canada's Capital region. And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been working the BDSM scene in places like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Montreal for the past couple of years. Sometimes I miss my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, but I'm making too much money and having way too much fun in Canada to quit now. Business is good. Real good. Originally, I mainly dealt with white male clients, rich guys who wanted to be dominated and humiliated by a strong, dominant Black goddess. And then along came Reginald Morrow, a big and tall, masculine brother originally from the island of Barbados.

Reginald works for Henderson Trucking Limited, and drives one of their big trucks all over Canada. From Alberta to Ontario, from Quebec to the Maritimes, this man has been almost everywhere in the Great White North. Reginald is married to a white chick named Dominique Moller and has two brats with her. Yet he still craves something his white wife can't give him, that's why he seeks out a dominant Black woman like myself. I knew Reginald was harboring some sexual secrets the moment I saw him. The dude was too damn macho. He just wasn't believable. And you know what? I was absolutely right.

Reginald Morrow sought me out because, like a lot of Black men out there, he needs the kind of intense domination that only a strong Black woman can provide. White women are lovely but they're not that good when it comes to dominating Black men in the bedroom. Most white chicks would be intimidated by a six-foot-four, dark-skinned and burly Black guy like Reginald Morrow. Not me. I like to dominate strong men. I started him slow, just to see what he got. I made the big and tall Black dude get naked before me, and inspected his rugged, manly form. Reginald has a big dick and he's uncircumcised. I enjoyed sucking his big Black dick while inserting a big dildo up his ass.

At first Reginald was hesitant and used to say that only fags or weak men let a woman stick a dildo up their asses. A real strong brother from the Caribbean wouldn't get down like that. Yet he enjoyed my dildos up his ass so much that he soon got over his macho bullshit. Now Reginald simply can't get enough of my pegging. He's an addict, you see. A big and tall Black man addicted to a dominant Black woman's strap-on dildo. Yup, you read that one right. Once Reginald got comfortable with me, he began to open up and tell me about his most forbidden fantasies.

When Reginald told me he was curious about forced feminization, forced bisexuality and forced cuckolding, I was glad to hear it. I knew there had to be Black men out there who enjoyed those fetishes. It can't just be white dudes who like the kinky shit. That's why I gleefully and patiently turned Reginald Morrow the macho Black man from the Caribbean into Gina the cross-dressing ebony Sissy Slut, my willing slave. I led Reginald/Slut Gina around the house with a leash and collar, and I totally dominated my new Slut. I put a chastity device on Slut Gina's dick and made him watch as I got fucked by another man, my good friend Bilal Washim.

The esteemed Bilal is a long-time associate of mine. He's tall and lean, with light brown skin, Black hair and light brown eyes. Bilal is biracial, born to a Somali mother and Arab father. The guy is bisexual and completely in thrall to me. Usually I have Bilal play the role of the Black Bull when I'm cuckolding one of my white male Sluts. Well, I figured he could serve the same purpose with Slut Gina, my first Black male Slut. Riding Bilal's thick Somali dick while Slut Gina watched helplessly absolutely turned me on. The feel of Bilal's dick invading my pussy and the pained look on Slut Gina's face drove me nuts, and I loved every minute of it.

Slut Gina totally loved the Black on Black cuckolding session and begged me for more. That's why I decided to destroy whatever last vestiges of macho bullshit remained in Slut Gina by having him topped by Bilal, my strong Black Bull. Slut Gina was hesitant but I assured him that it would be a lot of fun. I made Slut Gina kneel before Bilal, then ordered my Black male Sissy Slut to suck my masculine Black Bull's magnificent cock. Although hesitant at first, Slut Gina began sucking Bilal's dick with gusto. I smiled happily and fingered my cunt while watching an ebony cross-dresser suck off a Black Bull's cock. Definitely not the kind of thing you see every day, that's for damn sure.

After Slut Gina finished polishing Bilal's thick Black cock with his mouth, I made my ebony Sissy Slut get on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. Time to fuck, I said, and guided Bilal's thick, condom-covered and well-lubricated cock against Slut Gina's dark ass cheeks. Bilal grabbed Slut Gina's hips and eased his ebony cock into the Black male Sissy Slut's asshole. You should have seen the look on Slut Gina's face as he got fucked in the ass for the first time. That's right, you macho Black trucker, you're wearing makeup and lipstick and a skirt and a wig and stockings....while getting fucked up the ass by a Black Bull.

Bilal really got into it, and fucked Slut Gina with gusto, slamming his dick up the ebony cross-dressing Sissy Slut's ass like there was no tomorrow. Slut Gina seemed determined not to scream. I'm a mean mistress, the type who likes to hear my male bitches scream. So I smacked Slut Gina's face, and berated him while he got sodomized by Bilal the Bull. When that didn't seem to work, I grabbed Slut Gina's dick and squeezed his balls real hard. At the same time, I told Bilal to fuck him harder. At last, Slut Gina screamed for me, and it was a beautiful sound. Got my pussy all tingly, that magnificent scream coming out of a Black male Sissy Slut's pretty mouth as he got butt-fucked by a Black Bull.

Slut Gina lay there and took it just like the bitch I'd known he was all along. Bilal fucked him mercilessly until Slut Gina, with tears in his eyes, finally begged for mercy. I smiled and told Bilal to pull out. The bisexual Somali stud pulled his dick out of the Barbadian Sissy Slut's now gaping asshole. I admired Slut Gina's wrecked asshole. Nice. He seems like a good candidate for a fisting lesson but that's a story for another time. I let Bilal and Slut Gina recover, then the three of us took a shower.

Half an hour later, Slut Gina was back to being Reginald Morrow, macho Black trucker from Barbados. All the makeup was gone, as was the wig, the stockings, the panties and the frilly dress. Reginald thanked me profusely for a wonderful experience, exchanged an odd look with Bilal, then left. I thanked Bilal for another wonderful session of Bull topping fun. The Somali stud nodded respectfully at me, then took his leave. I sat in the dungeon, and had myself a cigar. It's a good thing I videotaped the session ( for my eyes only ) because I definitely want to relive it. With my fingers in my wet cunt, I hit the play button. Hmmm. This is going to be so damn good. My kind of home movie!
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