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White Whore Wife is Blackmailed
Valerie lay soaking up the last of the sun's rays. Her nipples were trying to poke out of her bikini top, and her fingers were deep inside her cunt why you may ask. It was due to the fact she was dreaming about the gorgeous black cock, 13 inch of pure joy that had fucked her two days previous, you see Valerie was a black cock whore and was proud to be.

Quite a few blacks called her filthy names such as, white trash, cum slut whore, Nigger bitch, black owned fuck toy. Some even wrote things on her to let hubby see that they think of her. But this only turned her on even more it was like handing her a compliment. To Val saw this as a black man's brand. But of course she always scrubbed clean before going home.

In fact she craved to be black fucked most nights.

The only thing stopping her was the fear of being found out, you see Valerie was married with two children and had found black cock only after she had married. In fact Val was very careful who she let fuck her she did not care how many, or who they were, but it had to be people she trusted or strangers who she would never see again. Hence the pickups at clubs.

Oh well she thought as the last rays went down over the roof, the kids will be home soon anyway.

Picking up her towel she made her way back into the house. It was then she noticed an envelope by the front door, picking it up she saw it was addressed to her. Thinking nothing more of it she threw it on to the counter top will look later she thought.

Moments later her house was filled with laughter as her kids came home. James the youngest picked up the envelope and started to open it. "Now is that addressed to you" Val said. "Sorry mom" said James and put it back down. Cheeky monkey she thought.

"What's in it mom" asked James. "No idea" replied Val "let's see shall we," on opening it her heart stopped for a moment.

"Well" asked James, Val was speechless but managed to blurt out. "Oh just junk mail for the bin I think." But then moved to hide it.

She had only seen one picture but how many more were there and god how did this happen. Her mind was in turmoil.

Later at dinner her husband said. "Not hungry sweetie."

"Too big a lunch for me I'm afraid." Val replied.

OH my god please don't let this be for real, Val thought while pecking at her food. She had crazy thoughts in her head now. This was not supposed to happen.

Minutes turned into hours, hours to days.

Finally when her children and husband were in bed she got the envelope back out. Nervously she opened it, hoping that her first view of it had changed. But no there was Val with a face full of black cock, the rest showed her in various fuck positions some with her cunt and ass being fucked at the same time. But although Val was clearly visible she didn't know who was fucking her as their faces could not be seen.

There had been that many I suppose thought Val.

It was then she saw the note it read.

Time to pay you dirty white fuck whore. Fuck with blacks will you. Bitches like you make me sick where I come from you would be stoned. White cock not good enough eh. I will be in touch fuck whore, have no fear this is for real. Payback time.

Oh my god,,, please no thought Val. What the fuck is he going to make me do, she had never hurt anyone and this happens to her. My god her children must never find out.

Val had very little sleep that night.

Two days passed with nothing in the post Val was hoping above all, that nothing ever came of it.

Then on the third day she saw it. On it was handwritten, for the fuck whore who lives there. God he knew where she lived.

Not wanting to open it but she knew she had to, she took the sheets inside. Upon them it said.

Thought I'd forgotten you eh? No chance, been checking up on you and it seems you'd let any black fuck you in any hole of their choice. What a dirty cunt you are.

I take it by now you know this is blackmail, from now on I own you. You will do exactly as I say and my cheap whore, I will enjoy it.

I love humiliating women like you. Later today a package will arrive. You know the kind of clothes you wear to the clubs but much sluttier. No other garments will be worn just what you find in the package, with it instructions, these of course will be carried out to the letter. My god he seemed to know a lot about her.

You could of course refuse but if you do that gives me little choice but to publish your pictures all over the web and of course to your friends and family so I doubt you will do that. After all it does seem that you enjoy being used.

Oh yes and above your dirty fuck hole in black permanent ink you will write. White fuck whore for use.

My god Valerie thought, who the hell was doing this to her and what a sick devious mind he had. But she was stuck, she knew she had to do what he said. She waited nervously for the package.

Two hours later a knock came on the door, a man stood smiling. "Package for you Miss" he said. "Oh thank you" Val replied nervously.

Val went upstairs to open it and what she saw made her mouth fall wide open. Inside she found a tiny micro skirt in silk that would barely cover her cunt looking desperately for some panties but finding none. With it she found a slightly ripped silk spaghetti top, pink in color to match the skirt but again no bra. Last but not least a pair of open toed shoes with 6 inch high fuck me heels again in pink.

Yes Val often went out with these types of clothes on. But the skirt she wore on those occasions dd not not show her cunt or ass quite so easy. Then she saw the note!.

It read. Humiliation time for my dirty whore. These will be carried to the letter, my finger is over the send key as I write. You will wear the clothes I sent to you, in front of your husband and children let them see you, for the dirty whore you are. I'm sure after years of cheating, you will think of something to say, and when you close the door behind you, you are to raise your skirt high and I don't give a fuck who see's you you will do this for 1 minute. But never fear I will be looking.

Val nearly collapsed She didn't mind lifting her skirt so much as a lot of guys had lifted it for her in front of others.

But god to show herself like this in front of here husband and children made her feel sick. Fuck what was she going to tell them.

It carried on, from there you will board a bus, on the way let others see your cunt bend over often. No privacy this time my little whore and if others try to feel you up let them as it might be me.

Get off on the high street you will see a sex shop one of which I'm sure your accustomed with. Enter then lift your skirt high let them see what is written on you, tell all in there your full name, then make your way into the backrooms then the fun will start.

As Val read on she had a strange feeling of wanting to do this, her cunt was getting wet. She had been found out and this guy was making her pay. But she knew her husband and children must never find out.

Val was left with little choice but to do as he said. But god what was she going to tell them what excuse could she dream up.

Later that evening Val said. "Well I better go get ready."

"You going out dear?" queried her husband.

"Oh, didn't I tell you Gina and I are going to that whores and vicars do. Thought I told you sorry but you are stuck with the kids."

"Never mind you know I don't mind, you go have some fun" said her husband.

More than you could imagine thought Val.

Val went upstairs and changed into the clothes sent to her with make up to match. Looking at herself in the mirror she looked more like the whore she was, more than she had ever done before.

Nipples were showing through her blouse and it was hard to keep her cunt being shown it was that short and as Val was tall the fuck me shoes didn't help. Oh my god dare I, But knowing she had too.

Taking a deep breath she walked into the room.

"What the fuck" sprang from her husband's mouth. "Are you seriously going out looking like that."

"I think mom looks cool," cried out James. Samantha's giggles made Val blush.

"Well it is a whore and vicars do" said Val.

"Well you certainly look like one, better tell Gina to look after you or you might get more than you bargained for."

Yes and one I hope you never find out about thought Val.

Val nervously strode about for the next 30 minutes making sure to stand upright, so no chance of her ass cheeks or cunt would be on show.

"Come sit down" said her husband.

"I'm OK bit nervous dressed like this" replied Val. (Thinking no chance.)

"So would I be, going out looking like that," her husband gave a strange smile.

"Well I best be off Gina will be here soon you kids behave yourself for your dad, not sure what time I'll be back so don't wait up." Val blurted out.

"We won't you have fun OK," said her husband.

Strange it was like her husband was giving his blessings to what she was about to be made to do. No it can't be? Val was so screwed up inside.

Leaving the house she did as she was ordered and lifted her skirt high putting her bald cunt on show. As it was still light anyone passing by could see. Val looked down not wanting to see who if anyone was looking, but knowing her tormentor would be watching she counted up to 60 then lowered it.

She then made her way to the bus stop nervously tugging her skirt down, strange feelings in her head every time she bent over. Wanting to do this but god being made to do it was so much different. Even better she thought.

Val checked the bus to make sure it was the right one, entered but decided to stand rather than sit as her cunt could be seen if she sat down.

After a few nervous moments she felt fingers going along the crack of her ass then up towards her cunt, this was from behind. Not wanting to show her face to this person she just stood there taking this humiliation, like the whore she was.

This carried on until close to her stop, my god he or she even lifted her skirt up, giving all on the bus a perfect view of her cunt and ass. Some giggled. Val tried not to blush but she did profusely.

When the fingering had stopped (god how many had been watching) she pulled her skirt down, then left the bus. Val then made her way to the sex store with the wind making her now wet cunt seem more wet than it really was.

Valerie stood outside taking a deep breath, knowing she had to do this. She entered.

Immediately inside Valerie lifted her skirt exposing herself to all in there, looking up she saw a multitude of faces. Guessing her tormentor had set this up.

"Good evening all, my name is Valerie Clair Burrows and as you can see, I am a white fuck whore for use."

"Good evening Valerie" a voice rang out, guessing again it was her tormentor. "Please tell all in here if you are married."

"Yes, I am" replied Valerie.

"Yes what cunt, finger on key getting ready to send."

"Sorry, Yes Sir I am" said Valerie.

"And does your husband know of this," he asked

"No sir I hope he doesn't" replied Val

"Much better" he said "now I am going to address all the men and the few women present."

"Gentlemen and ladies what you see before you is a complete married white fuck whore who adores black cock, but keeps it hidden from her husband. She doesn't want people to know that blacks are fucking her! I wonder why? is she ashamed? I do have my doubts and so should you. So I think she ought to be punished until she sees the error of her ways."

Valerie heard a big cheer go of.

But all the time that voice sounded so familiar maybe a handkerchief she was not sure.

Valerie was then dragged of by numerous black guys ripping all her clothes of her as they went. She tried to count but got lost at 30, this was going to be a fucking she would never forget. She was about to get fucked by more than thirty back guys could it even be forty she hoped.

The voice again rang out. "All pictures and filming. If you could all put them on the net perhaps her husband will see!"

My god this bought Val back to her senses, oh my god not that please.

Valerie was now facing this huge black guy with cock to match, he slapped her across the face that hard she thought he had broken her jaw. Saying "So you don't want people to know you fuck niggers eh. Not good enough for you are we, well after tonight there will be little doubt what a fucking black cock whore you are as this will be all over the net."

Valerie didn't hear all of it as she was looking at his magnificent black cock, at least 18 inches of solid black meat, she was in awe.

He then approached her pulling her up by her hair saying "See that cock there bitch that belongs to the man who set this up think you better go suck it and do a good job cunt, think its black."

Valerie turned to see a normal looking white cock about 7 inch in length sticking through a hole, she also noticed two smaller holes above. This must be him she thought. So he was white.

"Crawl to it cunt let all here see your fuck holes" said the black guy. As she crawled Valerie could tell by the flashes they were taking pictures of her and god knows how many were filming it all, she knew this would soon be seen by countless men, hoping above all her husband was not one of them.

Valerie approached the white cock and started to suck, but not hard enough it seemed as he started to fuck her face with a vengeance fucking it till saliva covered her tits taking it out, he cock slapped her face saying. "You can do better than that piggy, get that cock right down your whore throat." "Guys she needs help" he shouted.

With that two black guys pushed her head forward till it was truly down her throat pinching her nose so tight at one point she though he was going to die. Saliva was then running all the way down to her cunt as she gagged and gagged.

"Much better cunt" he said "Now guys let me have those tits."

With that command Valerie's tits were forced through the two smaller holes, where she felt him suck her nipples till they hurt. She then felt him grab one nipple saying. "Get this past your hubby if you can cunt",,,,, then FUCKKK incredible pain shot through her nipple searing white hot pain as he pierced her nipple. "Just one more to go whore" he said.

"Pleaseeeeee nooo" Valerie cried out. "Should have thought about that before you started fucking around then, these will show you as the black cock fuck whore you are" he said. Moments later the same searing pain shot through her other nipple. Oh my fucking god thought Val.

"Right boys and girls I have to go, enjoy yourselves with this white fuck meat make her pay for not letting on she is a black cock whore, do with her what you want anything goes, oh and by the way she enjoys being written on, remember film her, fuck her. But above all make her pay."

With that he left.

Val thinking he was definitely hiding his voice but who was he?.

Glancing down to her tits she saw what he had done to her. No please no her nipples had been pierced by two large gold rings attached on both were erect black cocks so this was the reason for no bra, how the fuck was she going to explain this.

With her nipples still throbbing with pain the huge black guy threw her to four black girls saying "have fun with her before we all fuck her silly."

One of the girls grabbed her neck choking her then spit on her face,

"Anyone knowing blacks fuck you not good enough for you cunt." As she gripped Val's cunt tight enough to make her cry out.

"Well we going to mark you up good bitch," she then pulled on one of Valerie's nipples making her scream out. "Get this cunts leg spread wide open she said to another of the girls."

Then drawing around her cunt lips with arrows pointing at it, it stated for black use only "doubt if hubby will ever fuck you after he sees this" she laughed.

Across her tits she wrote I am just a white fuck toy to be used by any blacks. Whore bitch across her tummy, cum whore slut on her back. Above her asshole she wrote Niggers cum bucket. All the time the others were slapping her tits, ass and face, hand prints could be seen. The girl then stood over her, then kicked her cunt so hard it made Valerie double up.

"Nice job girls" said the huge black guy "now let's have her."

Valerie looked around to see a multitude of black cocks, this is what she had been waiting for, she knew she was about to be gang banged.

For the next three hours Valerie was fucked to within an inch of her life in some ways it was the best fucking of her life in others ways most likely the worst. She had more cocks in her than she could ever imagine every hole was used over and over. But when the 18 inches of thick black cock went deep in her cunt she knew she had been really Nigga fucked. "Ohhhhhhh my god yessss" Val cried out, when it went in her asshole she nearly stopped breathing it felt that good.

She was made to pose with obscene looking massive dildos sticking from every orifice of her body With clamps on her still hurting nipples showing her as the whore she was. All this time being filmed.

Toys were opened and used on her she was fucked with eggs up her cunt that made her cum so hard. Val was mercilessly vibrator fucked,till her cunt gaped open

She was bound and gagged had trash cans thrown all over her, slapped, cum on, spit on, even in her open mouth. But all the time Valerie was saying yes, yes. She truly was a black cock whore dam the consequences she thought. Knowing all this was being filmed.

In the end Valerie looked a real mess covered in spit and cum. Cunt and ass all gaped open looking so red and nasty and the writing on her showed all exactly what she was.

"Right then cunt time to get you home," said the huge black guy.

"Please" Valerie said, "Just a little longer."

Picking her up he said. "By god girl you are one of the biggest whores I have ever met now get the fuck home." As she stood she could feel the cum slowly running down her legs.

Valerie looked round for her clothes, saw her top all ripped up, but the skirt seemed wearable for what it covered anyway.

"That's all our bitches wear cunt, so that's how you going home." Said the black guy whose cock Val adored. With that she was thrown out of the door.

Picking herself of the floor Valerie hid in some nearby bushes . How the hell was she going to get home looking like this, at least it was dark.

She then looked at her piercings but saw nothing to quell those fears as they didn't seem removable she was stuck with these, god her heart was pounding.

It was more than two miles for Val to get home she tried to plan the shortest route but no way seemed at all safe. Someone was bound to see her fuck and all this writing on her, she tried to scrub it away but it was all in vain.

Two hours later Valerie approached her house, being seen on the way by quite a few people no matter how careful she was, some asked how much she charged, some had laughed at her, some calling her a slut.

She saw the light still on hubby must be still up. Daring not to go in she hid nearby.

Time passed but no sign of hubby, perhaps if she could just get in without being seen she could get some clothes on to hide her embarrassment.

With her heart pounding feeling like a little girl trying to creep in, she tried the back door at least it opened. Gingerly she stepped inside all seemed OK, then a voice boomed out.


Valerie stood as she did not want to turn and show herself. Hubby would see the fuck whore Val was.
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