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Birthday Night
Today is your birthday! We have spent the day celebrating with our friends and family. It is finally our time now. I promised you a night out. After the last guest leaves we retire to the bedroom where I send you into the bath to shower and get ready for tonight. You still don't know where we are going, but know it will be a good night.

While you are taking your shower, I set out your new clothes that I bought for you. Black knee high boots with eight inch heels; I wanted something that would show off your beautiful ass and legs. A blue corset, one that cups your breasts but doesn't cover them, just lifts and supports them into a nice cleavage. Black fishnet thigh high stockings, a white silk blouse, a black skirt and last but certainly not least a diamond pendant. I leave them nicely laid out on the bed, the pendant in a nicely wrapped box at the head of the bed.

When you come out of the bath, a towel wrapped around your body and one wrapped around your head, I meet you and give you a passionate kiss. Then I step aside and show you the clothes I picked up for you to wear tonight. I watch your eyes as you look at them and I see a little twinkle in them. I knew the first thing you would pick up would be the boots and you didn't disappoint. I tell you to finish getting dressed while I get ready.

After my shower and shave, I walk out of the bath to see the most beautiful woman standing there. As I had imagined and planned the boots showed off your beautiful legs and ass. The skirt was a bit above mid thigh and your blouse faintly showed your corset under it. I picked up your gift and gave it to you to open, then offered to place around your neck. As the pendant dropped into the swell of your breasts, I unbuttoned your blouse a couple more, showing a couple inches of your corset. I step back and ask you to turn so I could get a good look. As you slowly turn around I feel myself getting a little snug in the crotch area. Your look is breathtakingly beautiful and sexy.

As we leave the house and get into the car, I know your curiosity is high on our destination. But you don't ask. We have talked about going to a swing club, but hadn't done it yet. Earlier this month I had filled out the membership for us and now drove straight there. You still haven't said a word, but you know where we are. We go into the main door; I show our card and pay the cover charge. Since we are new we also had to show our ids and when we were shown through the second set of doors we were met by Alice and Dave to show us around. Alice immediately commented on your outfit and Dave wasn't far behind. I could see you looked a bit nervous and uncomfortable being complemented like that.

First thing we see is a large room, bar on one end and several tables in front of the bar. A large dance floor and a small stage with a stripper pole set in the middle. They next walked us toward a game area; there were 3 pool tables and 3 dart boards in that area with several tables with couches along the walls. There was another set of doors on opposite wall to the bar; through them was a hallway with several doors on each side. As we walk down the hallway Alice tells us that if the door is open we can go in even if it is occupied, simple rules if you didn't mind company leave your door open, if you want privacy close it. Each room has a different décor; the most popular rooms have a swing or a symbian. Since it is early in the night all the doors were open still so we got to look at each room décor. One room had a mirror on every wall and ceiling, Dave told us as we walked by that this was the voyeur/exhibitionist room. As we walked around the corner we understood why, there were couches in this corner with a large window looking into the room. The next two rooms Alice told us were orgy rooms, the first was about the size of a normal bedroom but there were several mattresses covering the floor, the second was huge with the floor covered in mattresses. The last large room had several couches and 3 big screen TV's set up playing a porn movie.

Alice and Dave took us back to the main room and said if we needed anything to let them know and to enjoy ourselves. We went to a table; I had you sit while I went to get us a couple of drinks. While walking through the club I had noticed as had Dave and Alice that your blouse was almost totally transparent in the bright white lights and sitting at the table with the stage lights to your right you were a beautiful sight. I could see your breasts lifting with each breath. It didn't take long for people to start showing up; it was a Friday night so there was a large mix of people there. Single men were allowed on Friday's, single women every night and of course couples.

Several couples and a few singles came over to our table to introduce themselves and make us feel comfortable. With a few drinks in us, we were getting a bit more comfortable with the surroundings. When a woman got on the stage and started dancing and using the dancer pole, you turned a bit to watch. After a few minutes of watching you noticed in the mirror just how transparent your blouse was. Fortunately you had already had a few drinks and you had a full one in front of you. I could tell you were a bit distressed but you didn't cover yourself up either. When you looked at me I smiled at you and you seemed to relax a bit.

There were several people in the game room, and I asked you if you'd like to play some pool. So we moved our drinks to a table in the game room and started playing some pool. I loved watching you shoot as your blouse gapped and gave a good view down your top, and from the other side, your skirt was short enough I could see the bottom of your ass cheeks every time you bent over to shoot. As we were playing, another couple came in and took the table next to ours; they watched us play the rest of that game and into our next game. I watched them watching you every time you shot, they got the same view I was getting and I could tell they liked what they saw. I think you enjoyed showing off as it seemed you stretched over the table more often and the more you stretched the more of your sweet ass showed, a few times I could see your lips as you took your shot.

We took a break from pool and the other couple played a game, while we watched them and kissed and snuggled a bit. When we got up from the table we walked toward the hallway with all the rooms. We had seen several people go in and not come out. As we walked down the hall, there were several doors shut, as we walked by one there were several men standing at the door watching, inside were two women. We continued down the hall, the mirror room was empty and the small orgy room had two couples in it playing. We ended up at the theater room, inside was where most of the people who had come back were.

We went into the room, but stood behind a couch with our backs against the wall. We could see everyone, even though the only light came from the TVs, I was a bit disappointed when I looked down at you and in this light your shirt was not very translucent. We kiss as we watch the people in various sexual activities, more people come in and soon there are several standing on the wall like we are, so you move in front of me to make more room. I kiss your neck and shoulders while my hands do a bit of roaming. I'm not sure if it is because we are behind everyone or if you were just too turned on to object when I pulled your blouse out of your skirt, and then unbuttoned it. My fingers finding your nipples as I bit your shoulder just a little. I loved that your boots brought your ass right up into my crotch and loved even more as you wiggled and pressed it back against me.

We continued this for some time, when we noticed that couple from the pool room was beside us again. They were also playing with each other, but were watching us. She was wearing one of those wrap around dresses and he had it unwrapped and his hands were roaming over her body. My hands roam down your sides to your thighs and as I start to move back upwards I bring the back of your skirt with them. As I uncover your ass my hands move to caress it. All the time, kissing and nibbling on your neck and shoulders. It is then that I notice that while still facing forward both us and the other couple, were angled toward each other. I notice you reach for her hip and as you do she moves a bit closer to you. That is all the encouragement you need and you take a step towards her.

I watch as the two of you embrace each other and have you get your first kiss. Your hands are inside her dress and hers are lifting your skirt to grab a couple hands full of your ass. As the two of you were busy her husband unhooked her strapless bra and removed it, you wasted no time burying your face into her breasts and when you came up for a breath it was her turn to suck on your sweet nipples. I ran my hand over your ass and between your legs, finding your juices already running down your thighs.

It wasn't long and her husband suggested we take this to one of the rooms. The two of you didn't need to be asked twice, you immediately headed out the door and down the hallway. Her husband and I followed and introduced ourselves as we tried to catch up. His name is Larry and hers was Kris, you found the first empty room and we followed you in and shut the door. Once inside her dress, your skirt and blouse quickly hit the floor and the two of you fell onto the bed entwined. Larry and I watched for awhile before removing our clothes so we could play with ourselves. It was just too hot of a scene not to. By the time our dicks were in our hands, the two of you were locked in a passionate 69 and from the sounds of it enjoying it very much.

During all of this Larry had told me this was their first visit also, and while touching and watching was fine, penetration was only between them. Ground rules set up we both moved to the bed as the two of you slowed down a bit. We each kissed our respective wives, finally getting your attention, somewhat. I could definitely taste Kris's juices in your kisses as I'm sure Larry enjoyed yours. I start to kiss my way to your breast and as I get there I find that I'm not alone, Larry is moving toward your other breast. With the two of us occupying your breasts Kris is kissing you. My hand moves down your body and I notice that Larry's is also heading in the same direction. Our hands meet at your soaking pussy; I stop at your throbbing clit as he slides a finger inside your pussy. It only takes seconds before I can feel your orgasm flowing through your body, Larry can feel it too as he starts to finger fuck you hard and fast. It was then that I noticed Kris was straddling your face. She was fucking your face as she watched her husband and I play with your pussy.

Soon we broke back into couples; I lift your legs in front of me and take your toe into my mouth as I slide into your soaking pussy. As I'm doing that, I can see Larry putting Kris onto her hands and knees and entering her from behind. It is such a turn on fucking you while you're kissing Kris as she is being fucked right beside us.

After awhile we get dressed and leave the room, pick a table so we can have a drink and get to know each other. We find we have things in common, other than good sex, and exchange phone numbers. It is 3am so we all decide to call it a night. On the way home I can hardly keep my hands off you, as soon as the garage door closed we again made love on the hood of our car.
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