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They Come in Threes
The car swung into the driveway, its lights shining through the driving rain onto the isolated beach house.

"That's it!" Allison said.

"Hopefully Margaret's still here," Henry said.

Henry pulled the car right to the front steps. They grabbed their stuff from the back seat and braced for the downpour.

"Ready?" Henry asked.

"Been ready for a long time."

They opened their doors in unison and ran to the protection of the front porch, but already, they were soaked. Henry knocked on the door and checked his watch.

"It's late. Hopefully she's still here."

It was a large Victorian on the beach. Too large for just the two of them for a week, but it was here they first met so many years ago when a group of them rented the house for a few weeks during the summer. Allison was a friend of Henry's friend George and the two of them kicked it off right away.

So they wanted to spend their tenth anniversary here. It was the off season and so the house was empty and cheap, but no less romantic looking out over the ocean under a countless number of stars.

They waited five minutes for Margaret, a tall thin woman nearing her sixties, to open the door, but when it opened they took in the lovely site of a 20 something red head. She was wearing her pjs; baggy pants and a tight tee with the superman logo on it. Her breast were round and firm and partially covered by her long red hair.

"Hi, I'm Heather. I'm Margaret's daughter. Henry and Allison?"

"Yes, that's us. How are you?"

"I'm great. C'mon on in before you freeze to death. My mom's sick so she asked if I could meet you here and give you the keys."

She opened the door wide and they entered into the foyer.

"Stay here. I'll get you some towels."

Heather ran off down the hallway.

"That is not Margaret," Henry said.

"No. No it is not," Alison replied.

They watched her bounce away, her hair swinging like a pendulum behind her.

The two of them put their bags down and began pulling off their wet jackets when Heather came back with the towels.

"It's pouring out there," Henry said as he dried his hair.

"We're sorry we're so late, Heather," Alison said.

"No problem, but I do have a request."

"Anything," Henry said. I want you to take me upstairs, Henry, and throw me on the bed.

"Well, as late as it is, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I stayed the night. I know it's your house for the week, but -"

"Of course," Allison said. "It's a big house. Plenty of room. You should definitely stay."

"Thank you so much. I really wasn't looking forward to driving in this. I'll leave you two alone if you want to get out of those clothes. Your room is upstairs, the first one on the right. It's all ready for you. I'm going to go downstairs and watch some tv."

"Thanks so much," Henry said.

Heather left them looking at each with trepidation. Then, without a word between them, they stripped to their undies and wrapped their towels around themselves and ran up the stairs.

Heather flipped through the channels without much attention. She couldn't stop thinking of Henry and Alison. She loved that it wasn't only him that lost his breath and looked her up and down, but her too. She may have stared at her breast longer than he did. He was tall with dark messy hair. His chest something worth looking over as well. And Alison, with her short blonde hair and those magnificent tits, made her think dirty thoughts as she mindlessly flipped through the channels.

She imagined them running up the stairs in nothing but underwear. They were giddy to be away from home and in a beautiful romantic place like this. They entered the room and were amazed at the size of it and all the promises the king size bed had to offer.

Heather put the remote down and slid her hand under her waist band and between her legs. She imagined the couple taking each other in their arms nearly naked. Their hands groping each other eagerly. They were thankful to finally be out of the car and in the private room they've been dreaming about for weeks now. Henry turned her around, her back to his chest holding her tight as they surveyed the room together. It was just as they remembered it; a large, well decorated room, with a king size bed as the main attraction. His cock grew hard pressed into the now bare ass of Alison as they both imagined the fun they were going to have on that bed. His hands warmed her body as they moved all over her soft skin. He thought of the cute twenty-something somewhere in the house as his hands fondled her breast and hard nipples making her head arch back to his chest. A moan escaped her.

Heather glided her hands lightly over her small triangular patch of red hair pointing downwards. Her hand followed it's direction and began to lightly caress her pussy.

She could see with her eyes closed Alison no longer being able to just stand there. Henry's hands felt too good roaming her body... and his cock! How hard was it? She couldn't stand to just be a spectator. She turned in his arms and knelt in front of him. She admired the size of it and it's longing to be freed from the boxer briefs. She slowly pulled them down and his cock sprang free. She held it and admired it and then, in one quick move, took it all in her mouth. He moaned and grabbed her head for balance as it bobbed on his cock over and over again.

Heather slid her fingers into her now drenched pussy. In and out she slid them in rhythm to Alison's head she imagined two stories above bobbing on Henry's cock. Her clit hardened as she rubbed it with her wet fingers.

She imagined, above in the bedroom, Henry picking Alison up and tossing her on the bed. His cock glistening with her saliva. Her legs hung off the edge of the bed and he knelt in front of her moist pussy and buried his face in its sweet aroma and taste. His tongue glided up and down the wet folds, occasionally flicking the hardening clit. Alison wished Heather was here with them. She wanted Heather sitting on her face so she could taste the young pussy's honey.

Heather's fingers continued to manipulate the sensory flesh between her legs. Her other hand had secretly found its way under her shirt and began to caress her firm breasts. How she wished she could be upstairs where she was sure they were fucking!

She envisioned Henry no longer being able to keep his cock at bay. He stood from his deserts and thrust his cock deep into his hot wife. She spasmed at the feeling of his dick deep in her pussy.

"I'm going to come!" She stifled, knowing there was still another in their house.

He moaned with agreement.

Heather whispered the same words to herself and the three of them, imaginary or not, came in unison.

Henry came down to the kitchen for a snack to find Heather doing the same.

"How's the room?" Heather asked with the thoughts of him fucking his wife fresh in her mind.

"It's beautiful. We stayed here about ten years ago with a group of friends. That's when I met Alison. We wanted to relive the moment."

"How romantic," Heather cooed.

"Yeah... Well, that's just the kind of guy I am." Henry gave her his most charming smile and Heather could feel herself getting wet all over again. "Nothing on TV?"

"Not really, but you're more than welcome to try yourself."

Henry poured himself a scotch and took a few cookies from the counter.

"I think I'll do that. Need to unwind after that trip," Henry said as he headed down the stairs to the entertainment room.

When Heather heard the TV was on she poured two glasses of wine and slowly went up the stairs to find Alison.

The door was opened, so she knocked lightly on the frame.

Alison jumped and then laughed. "You startled me which is really easy to do. I was just putting away my things. Come in. I hope one those are for me."

"Of course. Thought you could use a glass after that trip."

Heather sat on the edge of the bed and noticed the bed cover was rustled by more than just the luggage that now laid on it and was excited to know that three of them may have indeed came together. Also on the bed was a small, colorful pile of lingerie.

"Many gifts from Henry," Alison explained with a smile. "He thought it'd be fun to go on a shopping spree at Vickie's."

"They look nice. Which one's your favorite?"

Alison took a sip of the red wine and put the glass down and began to spread the lingerie out. She pointed at a purple lace one that was open in the front down to the waist and said, "this one's Henry's favorite, but I like this one." She picked up a black, silk slip with lace over the breast.

"That is really...well, sexy."

"You should see it on."

Alison didn't realize what she said out loud till it filled the room. Here she was with a complete stranger and she was flirting with her. Her! Another woman at that. She didn't know what came over her. The glass of wine helped of course, but couldn't be all of it. It had to do with this place, she thought. There's a magic here, and of course, Heather had a part to play in her flirtatiousness. The girl was sexy and beautiful. Her breast, even in a slightly loose tee, showed their magnificence. The fire red hair flowed over her shoulders leading your sight to her breast. And she was here in the intimacy of a bedroom. It was as if all of these accelerated their relationship from strangers to good friends in one fell swoop. But she didn't want to make an awkward situation and was about to apologize, but Heather beat her to the punch.

"I'd love to," she said.

The words gave Alison pause, but more so, delight. She picked up the black silk slip and said, "I'll be right back."

She headed into the bathroom leaving Heather in gleeful awe. Heather found Alison very attractive. She was older, but so fit. She drank down her wine and waited patiently for Alison to come out.

Alison opened the door and in mock seduction put her back to the frame with one leg bent. Mock seduction was working much like the real thing.

"Well? What do you think?"

Heather looked her over. She took her time observing every detail of Alison's body. Her long legs the color of a well creamed coffee rose up and hid under the black satin. Just a little further was the pussy she was now longing for. The satin hugged her hips and her small waist and rose to her beautiful, laced cover tits. Her nipples were growing harder under the lustful scrutiny. Her slender shoulders were bare but for the tiniest of straps.

"Alison, you look so sexy. I mean, wow. Henry is a really lucky guy."

Alison blushed and Heather was sure her nipples just got a little harder still.

"I think you are way too overdressed. Want to try one on?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Heather said. With a huge grin she grabbed Henry's favorite and brushed past Alison in the doorway, just grazing her lace covered breasts.

Alison took a long, nerve-subduing swig of the wine. She was was sitting on the edge of the bed with one leg tucked under the other when Heather emerged from the bathroom. She sauntered across the room and lied on the bed next to Alison.

"So, what do you think?"

"Besides how beautiful you are? I'm thinking how attracted I am to you. Listen, I'd be lying if I said I never had fantasies about being with a woman. Hell, Henry and I fantasize together about having a woman join us, but it is never something we actually wold ever do. Now here you are, in my bedroom and the two of is are in lingerie. I'm not even sure how we got to this point, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm glad we did. I find you incredible attractive-"

"I'm game. And I find both of you very attractive too."

"But..." Alison said. She hunted for the words or courage to speak the thought in her mind.

"What is it?" Heather prodded.

"I want you to myself first. Before we let Henry in on what we've been up to."

Heather said nothing but moved closer looking into Alison's eyes, then leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Her hand went to Alison's thigh and gently squeezed it as the pleasure of their kiss overcame her.

"I think we should take these off and save them for Henry," Heather said.

Alison agreed and they helped each other wriggle out of the lingerie until they were both naked in front of each other. Alison lied back on the bed as Heather moved over her. Their legs intertwined. For a moment they stayed in that position looking into each other's eyes.

"You are really beautiful, Alison. I'm really looking forward to this," Heather said.

And with that she kissed her again. Alison's hands moved down Heather's back to her tight ass and cupped the cheeks. Heather, still exploring Alison's mouth with her own tongue, began fondling her tit. Her nipple grew hard in her hands and she moved to suck it and roll it with her tongue. Alison moaned softly at the touch.

Her own hands made their way back up Heather's back and then around to her breasts. They were firm and filled her hands. Her thumb and index finger light squeezed and pulled on her nipples. It was Heather's turn to moan as she rolled off to her side.

With Alison on her back, Heather cozied up to her and began tracing a finger over Alison's naked, slightly heaving body. Her hand caressed Alison's face than began it's journey south.

"I want to explore your entire body," Heather whispered in her ear.

Her fingers made it to Alison's breast once again, but this time she was controlling her spontaneous lust and taking time to appreciate their beauty. She traced a finger along the underside of her breast, back up between them, then swirling toward one of its nipples at the center. She lightly brushed her hand over Alison's nipple as it flicked against each finger. She did this several times. Each time the nipple grew larger till it was its own sentry at the top of this perfectly rounded hill. Then she repeated the process with the other breast.

Alison moaned again at the feeling of this female stranger's hands so delicately controlling her body. She only fantasized being touched by another woman, and now it was all coming true and her fantasies were short of the actual thrill of it. She could lie here forever with Heather exploring her body. She lifted her hands above her head and let Heather commence with the titillating exploration.

Heather's fingers continued their discovery lightly across Alison's abdomen to her well manicured patch of blond hair. She twirled her fingers in it like a fork in pasta before continuing on. She teased Alison's pussy lips much like she did her own an hour earlier. So lightly she caressed them then abandoned them for her inner thighs. Slowly she traced her fingers down Alison's leg as far as she could reach before coming back towards her wet pussy. She teased her lips again, but this time, instead of teasing her anymore, plunged her fingers inside of Alison.

Alison's back arched at the touch.

"That feels incredible."

Heather took one of Alison's tits in her mouth and began rolling her tongue over its nipple while she continued to rhythmically finger Alison's pussy. Then she took her wet fingers and lightly rubbed at the ever hardening clit.

Alison moaned louder. She tried to stifle it so as not to arouse Henry's attention. She pushed Heather's head down harder onto her tit. Her fingers entangled in the fire red hair.

Heather continued to manipulate her with her hand between her legs occasionally stopping to lick her fingers and taste Alison's juice.

"You are delicious," she said.

"Please don't stop," Alison begged.

Heather complied till Alison was writhing around uncontrollably. The climax consuming her body's control of it's every muscle. And then it was over and she lay on her back panting with joy.

"It's my turn," Heather said and climbed onto Alison's face.

Alison was never so close to another woman's pussy. And now this gorgeous young woman had hers thrust in front of her and she couldn't be more excited to explore it. She was tentative at first, slowly licking it, but it was already oh so wet. Her tongue easily slipped between its lips and found Heather's clit. She flicked it as she liked hers to be flicked. She traced circles around it as she liked done to hers. Soon she realized what she heard so often about a woman being better able to satisfy another woman. Her hands frantically made their way all over Heather's body; her tits, her ass, her back. They wanted to feel every inch of her all at once as her face dove deeper between her legs.

Alison was amazed that this was Heather's first time eating pussy. She was so good at it! Heather leaned back and twisted, simultaneously moving her hips closer to Alison's orgasm inducing tongue and reaching back to play with Alison's clit.

And in a moment, they were both coming. Alison continued to eat her first pussy as another wave of pleasure drenched her body. Heather's sweet nectar poured down Alison's face as her body arched in orgasm until she collapsed on the bed next to Alison.

The two women, new to each other, lied in an exhausted naked heap.

"Henry's going to love you."

"I can't wait, but right now I need to catch my breath."

"Would you mind going to him alone first? It's only fair after I've had you to myself."

"I'd love that. Can I fuck him?"

"You can, but not yet. I want to see that. Just get him ready."

"I wonder where he is."

Henry climbed the stairs quietly not wanting to wake Heather up if she happened to be asleep. When he turned into the bedroom the site rooted him to the floor. His wife was on the bed naked. Sitting on her face was Heather... also naked. His wife's hands frantically groped all parts of Heather's body. Heather thrusted her hips into his wife's face. Both of them moaning throughout. He didn't realize he was already stroking himself under his shorts. His cock was stretching and hardening to a new record. He quietly went to the bathroom for some tissues. When he was back by the doorway he saw Heather reach back and begin fingering his wife's pussy. That did it for him. The rocket he was holding in his hand exploded as he watched Alison and Heather climax as well.

Unbeknownst to any of them, it was the second time that they reached orgasm together.

Henry quickly withdrew from the hallway not wanting to be seen. He was down the steps before either of the girls spoke a word.

He cleaned himself up in the bathroom then quietly headed back to the TV room. He turned it on, but it didn't matter. He couldn't pay attention. The thought of his wife and Heather eating each other out consumed his mind. They barely knew each other. How did they come to be naked and sexual in bed so soon? He lingered on the thought of them. He wanted badly to be a part of that sexual entanglement.

Then, in an instant, a blindfold came across his eyes. He didn't here his wife come in the room behind him with his imagination of a ménage à trois playing out in his head.

"Alison, where've you been?"

But there was no answer, just a finger put to his lips to keep quiet. When the blindfold was tightly secured, he felt his wife moving around to the front of the couch as her hand traveled across his shoulders. She straddled him and pulled his tee shirt over his head.

"Honey, shouldn't we take this upstairs in case Heather comes down?"

Again a finger pressed against his lips. This time a little firmer.

She began running her fingers through his chest hair while she nibbled on his neck. His cock immediately responded. She turned and sat on his lap and leaned back against his chest. He reached for her tits, but his hands were pushed down to his side. His wife gyrated on his crotch and his cock responded to that too.

She kneeled in front of him and pulled his shorts down revealing his huge member. She teased it; first lightly licking the head, then stroking it as she played with his balls. He moaned with anticipation. Then she began taking it slowly until she was full of him. His whole body relaxed as he enjoyed the incredible job she was doing.

Wet fingers crawled up his chest and into his mouth. He sucked her juices off of them delighted that she was pleasuring herself at the same time. With two fingers in his mouth and his cock deep in hers, his wife whispered in his ear, "Happy anniversary. Have fun. I did." She removed the blindfold revealing a mass of red hair on his lap. Heather looked up, the cock in her mouth barely suppressing her grin. By the time he looked over his shoulder, Alison was gone. She left him with this gorgeous woman to "have fun."

Heather let his cock pop out of her mouth and stood up so Henry could get a good look at her. She was wearing the purple lingerie that he bought and was his favorite. She sat on his lap again, his cock not going in her but between her legs rubbing against her clit through the lace. Heather unbuttoned the lingerie between her legs so it wouldn't interfere. His cock now rubbed up against her clit. She leaned back as she stroked his cock only taking her hands off it to guide his to her tits.

"You can touch now," she laughed. "But I can't fuck you... yet. Strict orders."

Henry's hands went straight to her tits. It's been years since he felt another woman. He slid his hands under the lace and massaged them. They were firm and large. He played with her nipples and she moaned softly into is ear. His left hand slid down toward her pussy. His fingers found it wet with excitement and plunged two fingers in and out rhythmically. Heather took his fingers and guided them to her own lips where she sucked them clean.

"Are you two having fun?" Alison asked.

They both answered with large grins.

She walked in front of them wearing a red chemise that had a long slit up the side almost to her breast which were covered in embroidered hearts.

"We didn't buy that," Henry said.

"You didn't buy it," she correct. "I did. I wanted to surprise you with something."

Alison kneeled in front of them and slowly guided her husband's large member into Heather's wet pussy.

"Is that better?"

Now they both moaned in answer. Alison alternated between sucking on her husband's balls and Heather's clit. Heather rose and fell on Henry's cock over and over again. If he hadn't come twice already he surely would have filled her with his cum. She settled down allowing Alison to enjoy her pussy. Alison's mouth was covered with Heather's juice. She got up and straddled both Henry and Heather at the same time and kissed Heather deeply. The girls' breasts rubbed against each other's through their lingerie. Heather licked her own juices from Alison's lips as they kissed.

"That's a beautiful chammy, but I think it's about time we were all naked," Heather said.

The girls helped each other undress while Henry's dick still penetrated Heather's pussy. He couldn't believe his fortune. His cock was deep in this hot girl he just met while his wife helped her undress. When they were both naked, Heather rose enough for his cock to come unsheathed. The girls took turns stroking the cock between them as they kissed and felt each other's tits.

Henry couldn't take much more, so he rose, playfully knocking the girls to the floor.

"I think the two of you should have some time together. It's only fair."

The girls looked at each guiltily.

"I mean, some time together... again."

The girls looked at Henry shocked.

"You saw us!" they said simultaneously.

"Just the end. The three of us came together."

At this, Heather burst out laughing. The couple looked at her confused.

"When you too went upstairs to fuck - I'd say make love, but I'm pretty sure it was much closer to fucking - I was down here masturbating trying to image what you were doing. I'm pretty sure the three of us came together then too."

"Well third times the charm." Henry said.

"It's my turn to have that cock in me," Alison said.

Henry took his clothes of and bent his wife over so she was on all fours. He entered her from behind. She moaned loudly as he did so. Finally, there was no one to keep her sexual pleasure a secret from. She could be as loud as she wanted.

Heather watched as the couple fucked, made love, whatever they wanted to call it. They were enjoying putting on a show for her. They watched her watching them. She masterbated as she did earlier in the evening but now she didn't have to close her eyes and imagine what was happening.

Henry had a firm hold of his wife's hips as he rammed his cock into her pussy over and over. Alison was enjoying the simultaneous pleasure and pain his ramming cock caused. Her moans turned to whimpers of delight. After several thrusts he released her. She crashed onto the floor exhausted. Heather quickly took Henry's cock, now glistening with Alison's juices, into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Let's finish this upstairs," Henry said.

The girls led the way up two flights of stairs holding hands. Henry thought what a beautiful picture their naked bodies with fingers intertwined made. He couldn't wait to come with both of them.

"Lie on your back, Henry."

He did as was told.

"Heather, do you want his dick or tongue?"

"I can have his dick?" She asked surprised.

"If you want it. Don't worry, he shoots blanks now."

Heather jumped on the bed like a school girl and mounted the large cock. Alison mounted his face facing Heather.

The girls received and gave pleasure to Henry and each other. With their lips locked together and their hands all over each other's bodies, they all came in a wave of ultimate pleasure. For Alison, it was the sight of this beautiful, young woman taking pleasure from her own husband's cock. For Heather, it was having the cock of another woman's husband freely offered to her for her own pleasure. And for Henry, to have two woman coming on too of him simultaneously, finally pushed him over the edge. This was how they came together for the third time that night.

"Heather, if your not doing anything, you're more than welcome to stay a few extra days."

"That sounds fantastic."

They slept together, too exhausted to get up. Alison was in the middle spooned and spooning.
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