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Dinner Was On Her
Gabrielle luxuriated in the steamy shower, basking in the warm spray as the soapy lather caressed her curves. She was preparing for an artistic adventure.

A free spirit, Gabrielle had always been drawn to art, studying techniques, exploring various genres and seeking out the more avant garde and experimental expressions in the art world. That's how she met Simone de Beauchamps, a rising performance artist. Gabrielle became Simone's friend, occasional lover - and muse.

As a performance artist, Simone received her inspiration everywhere. Gabrielle, as often as not, provided the spark of creativity. The simple act of watching Gabrielle biting into a juicy peach, overflowing with sticky nectar that dripped sensuously down her chin, sliding along her neck and into the gap between her breasts, was inspiration enough for Simone's journey into an ancient Asian art tradition in which Gabrielle would take center stage. The image of delectably sweet peach nectar on Gabrielle's body excited and stimulated her.

With a major art show coming up that would require a superlative entry, Gabrielle's would be the centerpiece. Her unveiling would be a show stopper. She could almost hear the patrons gasp already.

What Simone imagined was a rendition of the ancient Japanese art of Nyotaimori, a form of female body presentation where succulent sushi and sashimi is served from the flesh of a woman. In Japanese food culture, a model becomes a human serving platter for a delectable feast.

Simone envisioned heaps of fancy, colorful sushi specialties adorning the naked body of her muse as the as art show attendees not only viewed the exhibit, but also sampled the delicacies presented by Gabrielle, her museum piece.

As for Gabrielle, she was pleased to again be a part of Simone's work; although she had little idea what nyotaimori was all about. She knew she would be nude for Simone's exhibit, but it wasn't unusual for Gabrielle to be unadorned for her lover's works.

Finally stepping out of the shower, Gabrielle's skin was tender, delicate, smooth, soft and supple. The preparations had relaxed her. After immaculately grooming herself, Gabrielle threw on a silk robe and went to look for Simone.

Simone was busy too - in the kitchen - overseeing several chefs who were creating the sushi specialties that would become a focal point of her exhibit. A pile of perilla leaves exuding a slightly minty scent. Small bowls of rice vinegar, shoyu and sake were neatly arranged on a tray. Other trays held colorfully crafted sushi and sashimi concoctions - bits of rice and fish and vegetables and spices that melded together into a wide range of Japanese delicacies. Visually inspired, the sushi specialties would become the paints and pigments to create a masterpiece on Gabrielle's naked canvas.

Gabrielle calmly entered the kitchen, lovingly hugged Simone and waited for direction.

"I am at your disposal my sweet Simone," she said. "I hope I inspire you."

"You always inspire me, Gabrielle," Simone said.

"It's time to prepare you. Please disrobe."

Comfortable in her own skin, Gabrielle was not embarrassed to uncover herself in the presence of the chefs. Simone appraised her body clinically, running her hands along her sides and along her shoulders, gliding down between her breasts, gaining a "feel" for her muse's delicate skin.

Gabrielle reddened as Simone cupped her breasts, as if weighing them, and when she slid her thumbs over her pink nipples, causing them to stiffen and protrude. Gabrielle shivered from the inspection.

"If this is art, lead me to the museum," Gabrielle quipped.

Simone led Gabrielle to a waist-high table, instructing her to climb onto it and settle in.

"Make sure you are comfortable my darling," she said. "This is where you'll be for the next few hours. I promise you will enjoy today's performance."

After Gabrielle settled on the table, Simone prepared her by spraying her with a light mist of oil. Rubbing the oil into her skin made it shine delightfully. Simone was tempted to linger but she needed to complete her "exhibit" before the gallery opened.

Gabrielle's inhibitions vanished when she felt Simone's hands on her body. The slippery oil massaged into her slightly cool skin warmed her. Simone also had given her a healthy drink of a slightly sweet sake concoction that not only warmed her, but left Gabrielle feeling mellow and tranquil. The drink made her acutely aware of her body.

"I think you're ready now," Simone said. "Except for one last touch."

As Gabrielle lay prone and exposed on the serving table, Simone took a strip of white silk and dipped it into a fragrant, jasmine-scented bowl of water. After wringing out the silk strip, she placed it over Gabrielle's eyes, cutting off her vision and heightening her other senses in the process. Although the white material blocked her sight, it allowed light to seep through. It was as if she were floating, basking, in a white world and she was more aware of her nakedness, her glistening flesh, her sensitive nipples, her exposed and slightly parted womanhood.

Gabrielle flinched only slightly as Simone began to adorn her body with Onigiri rice balls, Oshizushi molded rice and the Temaki seaweed rolls. Gabrielle didn't "feel" the sushi offerings so much as sense their addition to her body. Several Futomaki rolls were added along her thighs. Gabrielle's culinary adornments included Ika (squid), Ikura (salmon eggs), Kani (crab), Unagi (eel) and thin strips of smoked salmon. Golden salmon roe caviar, drenched in sweet sticky syrup, was placed in a mound in Gabrielle's navel. Her nipples were painted with a thick, tart plum paste called ume-shiso. The lathering of Gabrielle's nipples caused them to firm up noticeably. She squirmed at the attention Simone was giving her.

Between her legs, Gabrielle suddenly felt a lukewarm glob of a gelatin-like substance called Momo-awayuki-kan, a peach confection that was Simone's tribute to the Japanese shojo manga character, Momo Adachi (Peach Girl). The delicacy molded itself to Gabrielle's contours and pressed into her snuggly.

As a final adornment, Simone finished her Nyotaimori human platter by dribbling a mixture of sake and ume-chiso in a bold, creative pattern over Gabrielle's now-quivering flesh. Some of the syrupy goo dripped down Gabrielle's sides, legs and neck. The affect on Gabrielle were like feeling tiny fingers tracing lines across her body.

"You don't need to be a gourmet to recognize a culinary masterpiece," Simone said as she appraised her work. "You make a fabulous feast."

Gabrielle merely moaned in response.

Simone wheeled Gabrielle to the gallery, just ahead of an audience that soon would be moving from room to room to view the exhibits.

Gabrielle's senses were at full alert. She had moments where the chill in the air caused goosebumps, and other times when she was sure the sensual nature of her display caused her to redden. Her stomach fluttered, keeping a rhythmic beat, rising and falling sexily. It was the movement of Gabrielle's breathing that, more than anything, would be evidence it was a real, live woman being offered up for the art appreciation and enjoyment of the audience.

And then she heard voices as people filtered into the gallery. There were flattering comments about the display, as Gabrielle's body became the center of attention.

All Gabrielle had to do was lay still (or as still as possible) while she was poked and prodded and nudged and jabbed as people began to dine from the fruits of her flesh. While some patrons were satisfied to merely lift the morsels from her body, others lingered, sliding their selections through one of the sauces, especially the plum jam that covered her nipples. It wouldn't be long before Gabrielle would be laid bare, the feast finished and the platter licked clean.

Some devilish patrons used chopsticks to make their selections, one sampling the caviar from Gabrielle's navel, but not before twirling his utensil around her belly button lewdly. A low moan emanated from deep within Gabrielle as she succumbed to the pleasure of being fondled in public. Her vulnerability, heightened by the blindfold, caused her desire to rise.

Although Gabrielle tried to remain still, she began to squirm slightly, which the art exhibit audience took to be part of Simone's presentation. The subtle rising and falling of her stomach, her quivering loins, the soft jiggling of her breasts and the parting of her painted lips presented art in motion. It was an unconscious movement on Gabrielle's part. She was just responding to the wanton scene as she pictured it in her mind.

The sounds of the art patrons only added to the lustful display she envisioned. She listened to the small talk, heard the giggles as she was being literally devoured and took note of the mischievous urgings of some patrons who were determined to get a rise out of her. Unseeing, blind to the gastronomic, and sexual, desires of her audience, Gabrielle was left to her own imagination, the fantasy of her flesh as a feast to the eyes and the appetites of her admirers.

The sudden, unexpected and repeated contacts with her ever more exposed flesh sent chills through her. She shuddered when someone slid a maki roll between her breasts, massaging her with the delicacy. Her body quivered noticeably when another patron scraped a dollop of the ume-shiso from her nipple, causing it to throb. She visibly trembled when another art enthusiast shamelessly explored between her legs, trying to scoop up the peach delight that nestled there. She could feel her body responding to the sensations, the pulsing tremors coursing just beneath the surface.

Gabrielle was breathing more deeply now, her body moving more urgently, her stomach rising and falling at a more rapid pace. She had given up any pretense of stifling the moans that escaped her parted lips. She was a quivering mass of flesh.

Gabrielle's body was quaking at a feverish pitch as she became more and more exposed. She lay in a state of continuous stimulation as the last delicacies were consumed. Her shiny skin, stained by the remains of the various sauces and syrups that once covered her, was completely exposed now. She longed for release.

And then it was silent. The show had come to an end and her audience had left her there, the delicious human platter, the culinary display, empty. Suddenly though, she felt fingers exploring her thighs, sliding lewdly along her soft flesh, pulling her legs open slightly.

"Well done Gabrielle, you were a delicious sight."

It was Simone. It was Simone's hands that were spreading Gabrielle's legs wider, the remains of the peachy concoction sliding into Gabrielle's open folds. Her pinks lips were smeared with the peach dessert, her throbbing button glistening in the light. She felt the warmth of Simone's breath on her exposed sex. And finally her tongue was exploring her, lapping up the syrupy sweetness, probing her smooth pussylips. As she tasted her muse, Simone could also taste the cream that gushed from deep within her. She sucked the clit sharply, flicking her tongue back and forth over the throbbing mass.

As Simone moaned her enjoyment, sending vibrations to Gabrielle's trembling sex, it was all she could do to hold on as Gabrielle shuddered wildly, thrashing about on the table as her cream exploded from deep with her in a massive and thoroughly out-of-control orgasm.

Gabrielle's legs were shaking as she lay there in a fabulous climax, her juices mixing in the best peaches and cream dessert Simone ever tasted. It was glorious! Delicious even!

Simone rose from between the legs of her still-blindfolded muse and smiled at the sight of the naked Gabrielle, still writhing on the table. She fingered a nipple, scraping up the last remnant of the plum jelly.

"I've always said you were good enough to eat."
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