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Seduction of Jacob
We've met with Jacob now three times, each one of them becoming more and more intimate. The last was just a few days ago.

Our relationship with Jacob started at a charity event one evening in our home town. We ended up at the same table and struck up a conversation and spent the rest of the event chatting about everything under the sun.

He was a married man with a couple of kids but was from an eastern city and only got to town once in a while as a function of his job. It seems that he was a customer rep and stopped in every few months to meet with his clients and take care of any problems that they needed help with. Pretty typically, he said he'd get in on a Monday morning and would leave out first thing on Saturday so that he could spend most of the weekend with the family.

That's how he came to be at the charity event. His client gave him a ticket for the dinner and since he had nothing to do on this Friday night, he decided to see what the event was about.

My husband and I have been in, shall we say, "The Lifestyle" for a number of years now. But one thing was always a rule. That is that we never play at home or in our home city. We're a small Midwest city and we are a very well-known couple. Knowing that we love to share each other with other couples or an occasional single would not be very well received in this community. Having our friends here know that I love to suck and fuck the cocks of men who are not my husband or flick my tongue across the clit of a woman while my husband's cock is buried up to his balls in her pussy would not be well received here.

So, we are very staid and upstanding here at home. That means we usually have to leave town to have any real fun.

But as we were sitting here at the bar of the hotel that Jacob was staying at, I was becoming very attracted to this stranger. He was in his late 40's, tall and fairly well built. I suspect that he ended up in the fitness center of the many hotels that he stayed in while he traveled to service clients.

I was dressed in my usually conservative blouse, skirt and blazer because this was a local event and between my hubby and me, we knew most everyone here. So, conservative and professional was my outer appearance. Yet, no one except my hubby knew that beneath I was wearing black stockings, a black garter, and a ¼ cup bra that held my breasts on a nice neat shelf. If one looked very carefully, he or she could see my very hard nipples beneath the silk blouse. But, otherwise, I looked the part of a conservative professional woman in this small city.

And I think that Jacob was close enough that he could make out my nipples as I brushed back my hair or shifted my blazer. And they were very hard......and I was trying to be as coy as I could so that no one else in the room knew that I was giving him a little show. I could feel them brushing against the inside of my soft silk blouse and it was making me very horny.

And as the three of us talked, Jacob's eyes were constantly on my chest. He was trying not to be too obvious, but every time I would open my blazer a little, his eyes would be glued there.

His attention was also making my pussy very wet and very sensitive. While it wasn't obvious to any of the many friends and colleagues that were stopping by to say hi, my nipples were on fire and my pussy wet as could be. And my husband knew that I wanted this man that we just met.

We continued to talk and I would try my best to tease Jacob as much as I could given the public location that we were in. And I knew that my hubby's cock would be hard all evening as he watched me flirt and tease.

At one point, I got up to go to the ladies room and "accidently" brushed my breast across Jacob's hand that was on the back of a chair separating us. I knew that he could feel how hard my nipple was because he instantly smiled. I wanted this guy, but couldn't be obvious here in our home town.

When I returned to the table, my wonderful husband had figured out a way to set things up when he announced that Jacob had agreed to stop over to our house for a nightcap.

I really love my husband!!!

Roger gave Jacob our address and we headed out to the car. Once we were finally safe from prying ears, Roger said, "Pretty obvious that you like him. I'll bet your pussy is wet."

"It's running down the inside of my thighs." I knew the visual would turn him on more. I loved how my flirting could turn him on as well, but when he found out how turned on I was, he would be crazy horny.

After my describing the state of my pussy, there was not a sound in the car. And I knew that his imagination would be going at a mile a minute.

Jacob arrived a few minutes behind us, just far enough behind for us to get inside and turn on the porch light. Roger let him in while I poured three glasses of wine.

Jacob sat on the couch and Roger on the overstuffed chair across from it. Jacob appeared very nervous and as I handed him a glass, I smiled and said, "I think I'm going to put on something a little more comfortable. I'll be right back."

This made Jacob even more nervous. While nothing had been said, I think that he might have been thinking about what could happen and was getting cold feet. We'd have to see if he was willing to carry through with what I had on my mind.

I gave the guys a good long chance to chat while I fixed my hair and makeup. I stripped out of my blazer, skirt and blouse and stood in front of our full-length mirror and admired myself. My nipples and breasts were very nicely on display with the quarter cup bra holding them so that my nipples jutted out like the bumper-bullets of an old Chevy. My freshly shaved pussy showed off my engorged clit and lips, wet with my juices.

As I admired myself I asked whether I should be obvious or should I be somewhat subtle? Should I walk out there just as I was dressed – on display for both he and my husband? Or should I be a little more subtle and wear a semi-sheer teddy that would complement the outfit underneath?

I could hear Jacob and Roger talking quite a lot and I wondered if it would backfire if I didn't cover up a little bit. I wouldn't want to scare him off. He had been talking about how he hadn't been with another woman since he met his wife.

"HHMMMM" I pondered. Maybe I had better not come on too strong. So I decided to put on this great black slightly-sheer teddy bear that would perfectly accentuate the bra and garter, but would be a provide a tiny bit of modesty if things weren't going to proceed as I hoped.

I checked myself once more and decided that given the sheer nature of this teddy, it was going to be very obvious what I wanted.

So, I waited for a break in their conversation and I opened the bedroom door and stepped out.

"Wow, Baby!" Roger said as I stepped behind the sofa on which Jacob was sitting and came around into his view.

"Oh My!" was his immediate reaction. I liked that and I stepped in between them and gave a twirl, knowing that where the teddy came together in front would spin open and give both men a view of my pussy.

I could tell that Jacob was getting really nervous now and I came over to the overstuffed chair that Roger was seated in and I sat down on his lap and crossed my legs and put my arm around him.

"Baby, you look adorable." Roger loved showing me off.

"Oh, Yeah." Was all that the now very shy Jacob could muster. But his stare told me that he was enjoying himself.

"Baby, Jacob and I have been chatting and he's a little nervous. It seems that he hasn't been with anyone except for his wife and he's not sure how he wants to proceed." All Jacob could do was gulp and nod his head.

He continued, "I told him that we would love to have him watch us and if he wanted to join in, he would be welcome. But if he wasn't comfortable doing that, then we would understand."

I smiled at Jacob and said, "I understand. As you can see Jacob, we are very open about our marriage and as you can also see, I'm very turned on by your attention tonight." And I stood up and took my husband's hand and led him over to the other end of the sofa and I spun around and sat down. I spread my legs apart and the teddy parted as well giving both men a great view of my swelling clit and lips.

Roger stepped in between my spread out legs and I first looked at Jacob then turned my attention to the big bulge in Roger's trousers and I reached up and slowly unzipped his pants. Roger's hard cock popped out through the fly and I looked again at Jacob and carefully pulled Roger's balls out. I sat up on the edge of the sofa and cradled my husband's balls in one hand. The tip of his cock was almost dripping with his precum.

I knew it would be sweet and I turned enough that I could look at Jacob and I stuck my tongue out and swirled it in the sticky juice.

"MMMMMMMMMM" I purred as I coated more and more of my tongue with his sweet juices. My eyes rolled back in my head as I put the tip against my lips and slowly swallowed him down as far as I could – my lips tightly wrapped around his cock.

I slowly pulled his cock from my lips and looked over at Jacob. He was mesmerized and I wrapped my lips around the tip and showed him how I could slide it down my throat.

If nothing else, Jacob was going to get a great sex show.........

I continued by ducking my head down and pulling up on Roger's cock and I sucked his balls then returned to the tip and slid the shaft down my waiting throat. I alternated sucking him slowly and nibbling at his balls and I knew that he wasn't going to last long if I continued at this pace.

So, I sucked him deep and then while sucking hard I pulled him from my mouth, making a great popping sound.

"I love sucking cocks." I looked right into Jacob's eyes as I said it. "I love how wonderful a hard cock feels deep in my throat and how it feels to wrap my tongue around it." I thought he was going to faint.

"But I also love to have my pussy eaten." I smiled and licked my lips and I untied the center-tie of the teddy and let it fall from my shoulders.

Jacob's eyes dropped immediately to my breasts. "I think you've enjoyed all night how this bra has displayed my breasts, haven't you?" I asked.

"Ummmm, I was trying not to stare." He stammered back.

Oh, I love that you were enjoying them. I thought you might like to see what they looked like without the blouse on.

"They are beautiful." He again stammered like a high school kid when he saw his first real titties.

I reached up and gave each of my nipples a twist and a pull and moaned in pleasure. Then I twirled on my seat, raised onto my knees on the sofa and moved slightly closer to Jacob with my ass pointed at my husband who now had removed his pants and shirt and was kneeling down behind me.

I smiled at Jacob as I felt my husband's hands part the cheeks of my ass and felt his breath as he moved in closer to my dripping pussy. I stared intensely at Jacob as I felt my husband's tongue graze across my swollen clit and then up between my very wet and swollen lips.

"MMMMMMMM" I purred again as Roger continued to slowly lap at my clit and lips, occasionally brushing across my tight asshole.

Roger's movements increased pace and his tongue dipped deeper into my cunt as he lapped and licked. I watched as Jacob unconsciously put his hand over his swollen cock and rubbed while he watched.

I stared straight into Jacob's eyes as my husband was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, his tongue working my familiar folds and sensitive areas masterfully. As I got closer to peaking I reached out and put one hand on the tent of his slacks that was supported by a very hard cock. He didn't stop me.

Slowly, I slid the zipper down until it was completely open and I reached in and freed Jacob's hardened cock from its confines.

"MMMMMMMMMM" I purred again as I wrapped my hand around his very thick shaft. At the top, his head was not quite as big around as the shaft and there was a stream of clear fluid oozing from the opening. I moved closer and looked up into his eyes watching for any hesitancy or resistance.

As I moved over closer to Jacob I also moved out of range of my husband's tongue. I was on the edge of orgasm, but the movement and my attention to this nice fat cock brought me back down slightly.

Moving closer, I kept watch on Jacob's eyes to see if he was ok. I knew that he had not been with another woman before and wanted to make sure that he was ok. But the glaze in his eyes told me that he had lost control.

I flicked my tongue across the oozing tip of his cock. It was sweet, very sweet. His eyes were fixed on mine as I stroked his fat cock and licked the juices pouring now from the head. I knew that he would not last long and I wanted to take him in.

With Jacob's eyes still fixed on mine I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. I could feel my husband rubbing his own cock in between the folds of my pussy lips to lubricate it. I waited until I felt him take me from behind. His big mushroom head spread my slick lips apart and guided the shaft into my well.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" I purred on Jacob's cockhead as my husband slid his cock deep inside me. It felt so good deep in my pussy and I could feel his balls pushing against my clit. He pulled it out until just the head was inside and then rammed it deep into me.

"JEEZ!" Jacob cried as the force of Roger's plunge pushed Jacob's fat cock into my mouth. Because it was so fat, I couldn't take him deep. But my tongue wrapped around it as I sucked.

Roger started a slow rhythm driving his cock deep into my pussy and Jacob's fat cock into my mouth. In...... out...... In...... out.....

Faster and faster Roger moved his hips, driving his cock deep into my cunt and smacking my clit with his balls. Faster and faster my mouth slid down Jacob's fat shaft as his cock oozed sweet juices onto my tongue.

I reached with a free hand and cupped Jacob's big balls and let my husband guide my movements and I squeezed Jacob's balls and milked his cock.

"OOMMMMMMMM" I moaned in a low purr as Roger rammed his cock into me and Jacob's cock into my mouth. I was building and so was Jacob. I could feel his balls tighten up and I knew he was nearing orgasm.

"AAAGGGGGHHHHH" Jacob let out a low gravelly grunt as I felt his balls start to pulse and his cock exploded in my mouth. Since I didn't have him very deep, I could taste the salty sperm as it blew into my waiting mouth and down my gulping throat.

At that same instant Roger pushed his cock deep enough I could feel his balls against my clit and he began pumping me full of his spunk.

I had been breathing through my mouth but with both of these cocks exploding into me I erupted into a glorious climax and gasped as I ripped Jacob's cock from my mouth. He was still shooting and a huge stream covered my lips and face, my eyes now open and watching as he grunted one last time and a final spurt landed in my open mouth.

"AH! AH! AH! AH!" I almost barked as tremendous waves of pleasure erupted through my body. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH" I groaned as the last wave passed through me.

Roger pulled his cock out slightly and jammed it back into my sopping wet cunt.

"ARGGHHHHH" I gasped again as he picked up the rhythm he earlier had. I could hear the combination of my juices and his massive eruption sloppily squishing as he continued to fuck me.

I gasped for another breath and looked up at Jacob, my face and mouth covered with his salty spunk. I wrapped my mouth around his slowly shrinking cock and sucked with all my might pulling his now semi-soft cock deep into my throat. I milked every bit of his spunk from him until his cock slipped from my wanton mouth.

I knew that my husband would be able to give me a little more cum and I pulled my cunt from his cock and twirled around and dropped to my knees in time to wrap my lips around his cock just in time to catch the second orgasm as it oozed out of the tip. Like Jacob's, I sucked his cock deep and milked the last drops from it as it shrunk and slipped from my lips.

I looked up at my smiling husband, my face and mouth dripping with spunk gave him a wink and turned my attention back to Jacob.

There I was on the floor between Jacob's knees looking up at him, his limp cock dangling just a few inches away. I smiled and through the dripping spunk asked him, "When will you be in town next?"

He had a look that was both pain and pleasure and very simply said, "I'm not sure." He quickly added, "Don't get me wrong. That was just about the sexiest and wildest thing that's ever happened to me. But, I have some thinking to do."

"We understand." I said and Roger helped me to my feet and I bounded off to the shower to clean some of the stickiness off. "Let us know if you're ever in town and want to get together again. I think we'll be interested."

I blew him a kiss rather than having him taste the mixture of the three of us together and stepped into the bedroom and closed the door, leaving the two guys alone to chat.

Jacob and Roger were pulling their pants up as I left and Roger followed up my comments, "I agree. If you're ever back in town and would like to get together, let us know. No strings attached."

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful wife and thanks for the great evening. This has been fun and interesting." He was a little somber as he spoke. "I've got some thinking to do. This is the first time....."

He didn't have to finish. "We understand." Roger handed him a business card and said, "Here's my contact information. Actually, we kind of prefer married men to join us. Single guys usually don't work for us. So, we understand if you aren't interested again." He paused and added. "If you get into town again and would like to get together, give me a call - even if it's just for dinner or a drink."

"Thanks." Jacob said as he stepped out the door. "Thanks."

Roger closed the door behind him and joined me in the master bath.

"Do you think he'll call again?" I asked.

"Not sure." He paused. "I'm assuming if he does, you're interested." He added.

"MMMMMMM YES I am....." I purred. "I would love to feel what that fat cock is like in my pussy." A smile played across my lips as I thought about that and dried off.


We didn't hear from Jacob for quite some time. In fact, it had been long enough that we both kind of figured that he got cold feet or a case of guilt. Roger and I talked a few times of times about the evening and I reiterated how much I would like to see him again. Every time we chatted about our evening with Jacob, a deep lust filled me and I would end up climbing on Roger's cock and grinding him deep into my pussy. Afterward he would note how passionate that I was. He knew that I was thinking about that fat cock in me and how much I wanted it.

Judging by the hardness of my husband's cock, I think he enjoyed my thinking and talking about fucking Jacob as well. He always seemed to have a more powerful load after we chatted about Jacob.

It was a Thursday night and Roger came home from work in time that we could have dinner together. I fixed a couple of salads and we opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed one of the rare weekday dinners that we could have together. Usually one or the other of us has a meeting or has to work late.

We were nearly finished and Roger took a sip of his wine and very casually said, "I got a call from Jacob today." He said it like it would have no meaning.

"You did?" I was immediately excited. "Is he going to come to town?" Instantly I felt flush, like a teenager who just got invited to the dance by the football captain.

"He's here in town now." Roger was calm.

My excitement suddenly was dashed. "Oh." I said, feeling like there wouldn't be a chance for a meeting.

"He indicated that he'd been thinking about calling all week, but couldn't get the nerve." A smile played across his lips. "He apologized for the last minute call, but he was trying to get up enough courage to call." He paused. "Given his marital situation, he couldn't make up his mind."

"Well, I understand that." I was still feeling like it wasn't going to happen.

"He wondered if we would be available tomorrow night." Roger smiled as he said it. "The same kind of schedule – he's done with work but he doesn't fly out until Saturday."

"What did you tell him?" My excitement returned. "Yes, we're available..... right?"

He paused and the pause was so painful. "Yeah, I asked if he'd like to come out here for dinner."

My eyes lit up. "And?"

"He'll be here about 7. He leaves out on the early flight on Saturday, so he'd agreed to come for dinner." He got a little more serious. "He wants to make sure that he has a bit of separation from his contact with his client. He wants to make sure that no one knows at the business and he's afraid of it getting back to the company or his wife."

"I understand." I was equally somber. Being the other woman and involved in a scandal that were to harm his marriage is the last thing that I wanted. Even though I wanted to fuck him, I understood and we didn't need that kind of trouble either.

"I told him I'd throw three steaks on the grill and you could get salads ready and we'd open a couple of bottles of wine and keep it simple." Roger was more upbeat now.

"And I'm assuming that you'd like me to dress for dinner?" I smiled as I asked him coyly. Roger loved it when I dressed for dinner. That usually meant something more revealing than I could get away with even when we were out of town. And it should be something that would signal to Jacob my interest in fucking his brains out.

"Yes I would." He replied with a Cheshire-Cat smile. He knew that I would be thinking about it all night and the next day.

I went to bed that night with sweet dreams of our evening with Jacob and the dreams must have been pretty vivid. At one point I woke up with my hubby's hard cock pushing against my backside as we snuggled. I tried to go back to sleep but I was too horny and I ended up throwing my leg over Roger's and reaching down and guiding him into my wet pussy. He awoke just as I was pushing back against him. It was only a few minutes and he was climbing on me from behind and pounding his cock into me. Even in his slumbered state and with my hand diddling my clit he brought me off and pumped a load into me. He fell off in silence and spooned me and we both dozed off to sleep with his spunk drooling on my ass and leaking out of my pussy.

I could hardly think straight at work Friday and I decided to take the afternoon off to get the house ready and to do some extra pampering and pick out something appropriate to the evening's hopeful events.

I was still in the bedroom primping and preparing when I heard the doorbell ring and Roger answer it. My heart took a jump. I was very nervous like a prom queen when the football star picked her up. I felt a little guilty that I was so anxious considering that I was still a married woman myself. Although, having my husband be the one who set up the opportunity for me to fuck another man helped with my guilt a little bit. But I wondered if this was just dinner.

I could hear Roger greeting Jacob and getting him settled in with a glass of wine. The glass of wine that I had while I was getting ready was working its magic on my nerves and my inhibitions. I knew that I would need a couple more to shed all my inhibitions. And I wanted to make sure that I shed them all. In fact, I was looking forward to it.

I looked in the mirror, and applied a deep red shade of lip gloss, perfect to accentuate my outfit. I was dressed in a black and red bustier, the kind with half cups that hold the breasts on a shelf with the nipples exposed. Jacob liked to stare at my titties the last time we got together, so I thought I would make them available for him. The bustier was holding up black stockings with a red seam up the back and on my feet were my 5" spike strap-on sandals. My nipples were adorn with gold rings made by my sweet hubby that wrap around the nipple like a cock ring would wrap around a man's cock. They are tight enough that my they keep my nipples hard and extended about 1/2" and the gold gives something shiny to catch your eye (in case you weren't focusing on my nipple). I love wearing them when we go out in public under a sheer blouse because it is a flash of gold that helps to bring attention to them.

Over the top, I wore a sheer black full length wrap-around robe that tied in the front. I was wearing my hair down on my shoulders and with the deep red lip gloss, I thought I looked quite alluring. I wasn't sure if Jacob was back for dinner and chatting or sex. But I was going to make it as obvious that I wanted to play and hard for him to resist.

With a quick spritz of my Christian-Dior Poison on my neck and in my cleavage and across my pelvis, I gave one last check and turned and headed back to the bedroom where I grabbed my empty wine glass and slowly and as sensually as I could I opened the bedroom door and walked down the hardwood-floored hallway, my tall spike heels clicking loudly and announcing my impending entrance.

As I stepped through the entry into the living room, the men, who had been sitting and talking, turned and stood.

"Oh my!" Jacob said as he swallowed hard. "You are stunning." His eyes followed my every move as I walked behind the sofa (on which I had the pleasure of sucking his cock) and came around to greet him. He stopped me and looked me up and down before pulling me close and giving me a kiss on the cheek and a very firm and close hug, his hand sliding from my back down to cup my ass as we embraced.

As he squeezed my ass, I was encouraged that this was not just going to be dinner.

After a long embrace, I stepped over to Roger and gave him a hug and likewise got a kiss on the cheek. I didn't want to kiss them and smear my lip gloss. I wanted to smear it around both of their cocks as I sucked them later on.

Roger hadn't commented on my looks but I could see in his eyes that he approved. And tonight he would facilitate the evening having prepared everything so that I could entertain our guest. He would be rewarded lovingly for his generosity in sharing me.

I handed him my glass and asked if I could have more wine. He smiled and took my glass as I turned and stepped over to the end of the sofa. I picked the end opposite of where Jacob was sitting so that as I sat down and slowly crossed my legs, he could get a full view of me. I wanted him to look at that point, not touch.

As I sat down, I first opened my robe slightly and pulled it closed so that he could get a very quick peek at my shaved pussy, if he was paying attention. And I wanted him to pay attention.

Roger came back with my wine and then sat in the over-stuffed chair opposite the sofa where he watched as I teased Jacob in our last encounter. We drank and chatted about his visit to his client and his work in general. We never spoke of his family. I didn't want him to get a case of guilt and ruin my plans. Roger had the steaks grilling and stepped to the kitchen and to the grill occasionally to check on the steaks.

As Jacob and I chatted, I would cross and re-cross my legs to tease him as much as I could. I could tell by the way he kept shifting on his end of the sofa that he was hard and having a time trying to keep it comfortable. The more I teased, the hornier that I got and the harder it was for him to hide his raging erection.

"Lady and Gent, dinner is served." Roger announced as he held the bottle of our favorite Cabernet.

I waited for Jacob to stand first so that I could see how his erect cock would tent up his trousers and I wasn't disappointed. He had quite the tent and tried to pull his jacket closed to hide it. But that wasn't working well. As he stepped over to offer me a hand up, it put my eyes right at his cock level. As I took his hand, I stared at his cock straining the trouser zipper then uncrossed my legs and as I stood, I spread them slightly so that he could get a quick peek at my pussy and then when I stood, his eyes focused immediately on my breasts, on a shelf and displayed for him, my gleaming golden rings pulling my nipples to erect points. I paused so that he could get a good look.

Always the gentleman, Jacob offered me the way to the dining room first. Some people say that is the proper gentlemanly thing to do because it's polite. My sweet husband confessed to me the true reason why men let women pass first – so that they can check out our asses. So, knowing that Jacob would be checking things out, I sauntered seductively and slowly to give him the opportunity to check out my bare ass nicely framed by the six garter straps and the red seams of my stockings.

When we sat down to dinner, I sat so that he was on the end and I was to his immediate right so that he could look around the end of the table and get a nice view of my legs and stockings. And I kept crossing my legs so that he got a great view of my stocking tops and the bare thigh above.

We ate, laughed and I made sure that he got to enjoy all the viewing that he wanted. With the sheer gown and the bustier holding my breasts on display he got lots to look at and I caught him many times staring at my breasts and with the gold rings keeping my nipples long and hard, he got a great show.

Likewise, I could peek around the end of the table and see that his erect cock was making a pretty good tent of the napkin and the napkin did little to hide the existence of the tent pole.

We finished dinner and our wine and when I stood to leave the table, I made sure that my robe wasn't covering the view of my shaved pussy, which by now was quite wet and my clit was quite swollen. He hadn't gotten to see my pussy very much in our first encounter and I was going to rectify that tonight.

I excused myself to "go freshen up" and sauntered seductively from their view and hoped that the guy's eyes were on my ass.

I could hear from the bedroom that Roger had put some jazz on the stereo and I thought that it would set a wonderful mood. I was assuming that Jacob was willing and so far he had not shown any hesitancy. Tonight I was going to wrap my pussy around that fat cock of his and see how it felt. I knew how it tasted and tonight I was going to find out how it tasted with my juices covering the shaft. Both thoughts made my nipples tighten up even more. I untied my robe and tossed it across a chair in the corner of the bedroom. It was time to play.

I returned to the living room to the smooth jazz on the stereo and the lights turned down to a romantic level. As I slowly walked in, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor, Jacob stood when he heard me coming and his eyes were wide scanning my scantily-clad body. I walked in slowly and seductively, with the gentlemen's attention to my exposed breasts and my shaved pussy, clit proudly swollen and ready for attention.

He had removed his jacket already and not wanting me to choose one end or the other of the sofa, Jacob smarted right up and settled in the middle of the sofa. I smiled since that meant that he was interested and I sat down close to him and snuggled right up. Roger was seated in the over-stuffed chair as he was before with a perfect view of the sofa.

Jacob's hand instinctively reached up and cupped my breast and squeezed. It felt so good. He turned to me and leaned in and kissed my neck. It instantly caused me to flush. He looked over at Roger as if to make sure that he was ok. My sweet hubby just took a drink of his wine, raised the glass in toast and nodded his approval.

Knowing that really no approval was needed, I reached up and started to unbutton Jacob's shirt and expose his chest. I was wearing deep red lip gloss that was not the kind that would smear, but, I still wanted to make sure that there was no tell-tale evidence of what I was about to do. I helped him from the shirt carefully not to get any stains on it before proceeding and tossed it onto the floor at Roger's feet to tease him. Then I urged him to his feet in front of me and reached for his belt and slowly undid it and unsnapped the pants and unzipped them and let them drop to the floor in a way that Roger would be able to watch. The zipper was kind of hard to maneuver since his hard-on pushed his pants tight.

I looked first over at my husband and made sure that he was alright and he smiled coyly. I took that as his approval to continue and I moved my gaze up to Jacob who was now looking down on me, his bulging boxers evidence that he was enjoying what I was doing. Again being careful not to leave any tell-tail traces, I reached my fingers inside the waistband and pulled the boxers open.

As I pulled his boxers down his hard fat cock popped out hitting me across my cheek. He was harder than I had remembered him getting and there was a huge drip of precum oozing from the tip. Again I looked up at him with wanton eyes and flicked my tongue across the tip. It was so sweet tasting.

Jacob stepped out of his pants and boxers and I flung them over at Roger's feet and smiled again at him. He was still smiling and I smiled back and mouthed a thank you to him before looking back up at Jacob and wrapping my red lips around his fat cock. It tasted sweet and clean, the tip oozing juice onto my tongue. I cupped his big balls in one hand and wrapped my other hand around the fat shaft and sucked him slowly and deliberately.

Again, his cock was fat enough that I couldn't get much more than the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it as I sucked and stroked. His balls were tightening in my hand and he oozed oodles of sweet precum.

I looked up at Jacob as I sucked and stroked and noticed that his head was tilted back in full enjoyment as I gave his cock full attention with both hands and my warm and wet mouth.

I remembered just how good his cock tasted and felt in my mouth and hands and could have easily continued until he flooded my mouth with his seed. But, I wanted my pussy filled with this fat meat. And I knew that with his size I was going to have to be plenty wet in order to get it in there. So, I gave a few more minutes of attention to his cock and then I pulled it from my sucking mouth with a loud pop to add some drama and I looked up at him innocently and offered him my hand to help me to my feet.

He helped me up and I pulled him close and kissed him deeply. His hard cock was pushing against my clit and I could feel him moving against me but I wasn't quite ready and I broke the kiss seductively and pushed him back slightly and turned and sat down and leaned back on the sofa and hiked my legs up and spread wide open, offering my clit and pussy for attention.

I wondered if he would take the hint.

He did.

Jacob knelt down between my outstretched legs and I pulled the skin of my pelvis taunt and that caused my hard clit to stand up about an inch, proud and ready. Again, he took the hint and he sucked my big button into his mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" I purred and looked over the top of Jacob's head to see my watching hubby.

"OOOHHHH, that feels so good." I again purred as he sucked my clit in and brushed his tongue across it while sucking.

With my eyes locked on Roger's he watched as Jacob's tongue worked quick magic on my engorged pussy.

He worked his tongue around the outside of my pussy – flicking lightly....then dipping deep........then swirling around my honey-pot..... then back up across my ultra-sensitive clit. Oh, he knew what he was doing. And what he was doing was bringing me skillfully toward a tremendous peak.

In and out of my pussy he lapped and licked, sucking on my swollen lips, nibbling on my hard clit. For a moment I could feel myself start to drift off into ecstasy then I opened my eyes to see that Roger was still watching and then Jacob drilled his tongue deep in me and my eyes rolled back into the back of my head.

I reach for my breasts and cupped them holding my nipples between each of my thumbs and forefingers and I pulled and twisted them, trying as I might to focus my eyes on my husband's while another man brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

Jacob swirled his tongue deep again and then flicked it quickly across my clit. My eyes broke contact with Roger's as they rolled back into my head again in total ecstasy.

"Oh, God......Oh........ Oh!" My breathing was quick and short. "Yes....... Yes......... Yes....." My voice was staccato almost like a bark.

"AAAAAHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH" The orgasm stirring deep in me burst forth and I pushed hard.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" My cunt muscles pushed hard and I knew that I was filling his mouth with my juices. "AHHHHHHH GOD..... YESSSSSSS!!!" With one last spasm my orgasm ended abruptly and I went limp – my stocking-covered legs and spike heels pointed out in a wide V.

I opened my eyes to see my husband still with a content smile on his face, watching as his wife of 30+ years just had a mind-blowing orgasm from the tongue of a man we barely knew.

"MMMMM You taste so sweet." It was the first words from Jacob since we started. "Your pussy is like velvet and sweeter than anything."

It jerked me to attention and I broke my gaze with Roger and took a breath.

Jacob moved up from between my legs to next to me on the sofa. My legs were spread wide still and my juicy pussy was open and on display for both him and my husband. He immediately kissed me, sharing my juices. Our tongues met in a passionate kiss, his hand now massaging my breasts like a teenager copping his first feel at the drive-in theater. I think the intensity of my orgasm surprised him and caused him to be very excited.

I pulled my legs together and dropped them down onto the floor and Jacob helped me to sit up a little more lady-like and regain my composure.

"It looks like you enjoyed yourself." He was understating it for effect.

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him again and moved in close. "MMMM Yes I did." And I kissed him deeply again, his kiss still tasted of my pussy.

I worked my way down his chest and stomach, his hard fat cock bumping first against my breasts and then against my chin as I got down on my knees again in front of him. I knelt off to the side of him so that my husband could see and I rubbed his stiff cock against my face, nuzzling it and kissing it. It stood hard and straight up in his lap, like a stiff pole, the tip leaving a trail of slick precum all over my face.

His balls were heavy and full. I moved in and sucked his balls, leaving his cock standing tall, nuzzling my nose in as I move from side to side sucking his big balls in and working them with my tongue. I had a feeling that he may have been denying himself for days so that he could save it for me. I hoped that he had and that he'd give me a huge load.

I was working on his balls and lightly stroking the base of his cock, enjoying the mass in my hand and mouth. Suddenly, I felt wetness on my hand and looked up hoping that he hadn't just shot that load. I was pleased to see that the tip was oozing another long stream off clear precum. I flicked my tongue across the base where it had trailed down his shaft onto my hand and followed up the length, gathering the sweetness on my tongue. When I reached the tip I swirled my tongue around to pool more of the sweetness on my tongue before swallowing down the juice and then wrapping my lips around his cockhead and milking a little more from it.

I knew that he wasn't going to last long and I still needed to have this thick cock deep in my pussy. I looked up at him and there was a look of strained pleasure on his face. Yes, I needed to fuck him or I was going to miss out.

I smiled as I let the head of his thick cock slip from my lips and pushed him back onto the sofa and I moved quickly up and straddled him. I looked back over my shoulder and gave my husband a quick look and he was still sitting there with a smile on his face and his pants tented up with his own raging hard-on.

I turned my attention back to Jacob and reached down and grabbed his thick meat and guided it to my very wet lips. I knew that I was going to have to work that thing in and I swirled the tip into my lips. I almost came again just from the pressure of his cock on my clit and lips.

I smiled down at Jacob. "MMMMMM I've been looking forward to this." I said with the tone of a spider about to devour her prey.

He still had that strained smile on his face. Either he was on the edge of orgasm or feeling remorse and guilt. Either way, I was going to have that fat cock in me for as long as I could.

"You feel so fantastic." He was breathless in his words. "I'm trying really hard not to blow a load on your pussy right now." I had the answer I wanted......

"You just sit back and relax." I was calming in the way again that a black widow spider might speak before devouring her mate. "I'm going to work this big cock into my pussy and fuck you."

I lowered my hips and felt the head spreading my lips apart. A little more....... I was surprised how I could feel his head spreading me and pushing against my cunt muscles, pushing them apart as the head slowly pierced me. I arched my back so that my hips came forward and improved the view of this fat cock spreading me apart for my hubby.

A close friend of ours had a dildo that was fat like his cock. I remember how Beth would ease it into me when we were playing and for a moment I had a flashback to the time when she lovingly drove it deep into me.

Lowering a little more I could feel the head pop in and my tight muscles strangling it. I knew that I was horny enough that my pussy would be tight, but either he's really huge or I was really tight. I think maybe both.

I reached down and brushed my finger across my clit. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" I moaned.

It was so sensitive. I planted my middle finger at the base of my clit a started to slowly circle around the hardness.

"OHHHHHHH GODDD" I was going to cum hard the orgasm quickly enveloped me and I couldn't wait.

I flicked my finger across my swollen clit. I wanted it so bad.

It only took a couple of motions of my finger across my clit and the orgasm came fast and furious. "OH YES!" I almost barked and felt the spasm start to envelope me.

"AAAAAHHHHHH.......YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS" I was screaming now, throwing my head back and forth as I started to explode in orgasm and I only had the tip of his cock in me.

"YES YES YES YES!! I barked as I wrenched my hips on the tip of his meat.

Suddenly my legs gave way and my weight caused me to drive his fat meat into my pulsing cunt in one motion.

I erupted in a second and more intense orgasm as my hips jerked and bucked on his cock.

"AARRGH" I let out a huge grunt with my peak and shuddered as the intensity drove from my pussy through my body. "NNNNNNNYYYYYYYYEEESSSSSSS" I screamed.

And in an instant I went limp on him, collapsing onto him, his cock buried deep in my tingling pussy and my breasts pushing against his face. His mouth was now suckling my nipple like a baby hungry for his dinner. I sat there for an instant as I regained my composure, realizing that he now had his hands on my ass and was gently starting to thrust his hips up into me.

I was so obsessed with my own orgasm that I had completely forgotten about Jacob. The movement of that fat meat in my tight pussy awakened me from my haze. I lifted myself from him and looked down into his eyes as he suckled on my right breast. He let the nipple fall from his mouth and I leaned down and kissed him deeply, moving my hips in time with his thrusts. Our tongues entwined while I swirled my hips on him and I could feel my cunt grasping at this cock with each thrust.

"MMMMMMMM You feel so good." I said softly to him as our kiss broke. "Now it's your turn."

I reached down and grabbed his hands from my ass and lifted them up above his head and pinned them against the back of the sofa and I started to swirl and ride. His cock felt so different than any other cock I had ever fucked. Because it was not as long, I couldn't feel its deepness in me, but because of its girth, all of the sensation was around my hole. My muscles were tight around it and I could feel every inch of it sliding in and out.

He had that strained look of pleasure again and I knew that he was going to cum as quickly as I did.

It took me a couple of moments, but I remembered that my darling husband was still there. Although I hadn't heard anything, I kind of expected that he might be right behind me with a ragingly hard cock ready to hose me down with his spunk. So I stopped my hips and I looked down at Jacob.

"Hang on Stud. I'm not going to leave you." I said and then raised my weight off of him. His fat cock was firmly buried in my pussy and my cunt muscles so tightly wrapped around it I actually had to pull harder than I thought I would have to in order to slide it out.

I felt every inch of his cock as it slowly withdrew till just the tip of the head was still in and I smiled down at him.

"I'm going to turn around." I wanted to warn him just in case. I don't know just in case of what, but I thought that it was important at the time. And I especially didn't want him to blow his load.

Standing on weak legs and straddling his very hard cock, I back away and looked down. It glistened with my juices and there was no question that I had cum hard and that his fat cock had acted like a plug, because there was a pool of my juice covering the head.

I turned and positioned myself and grabbed Jacob's wet cock and guided it back to my waiting pussy. Just as I lowered myself down so that the tip was just poking at my cunt I looked up at Roger and noticed that he still had that smile on his face. Also, his cock was still tenting up in his slacks. I knew that I would have fun taking care of him too.

With my eyes locked on my husband's I watched for a reaction as I lowered myself down where just the tip was spreading my lips. I smiled at him and then let my weight drop, spearing my cunt with Jacob's fat cock.

"JEEZZ!" It took my breath away as his thick meat pierced my cunt muscles and drove in as deeply as it could.

It made me weak. I could feel Jacob's hands supporting my back as I waivered a little. Eventually I got my breath back and looked down and saw nothing but my clit pushed up against his big balls. I had every inch he had inside me. My eyes had rolled back in the back of my head and I needed to focus again.

I looked over at Roger and he started to have to adjust himself because his cock was so hard. I could tell that he was a little bit uncomfortable but his eyes were fixed on my cunt and the fat cock that was now balls-deep in me. I started to swirl my hips slightly and move that cock around me.

"Does that cock feel good?" It was the first words he spoke since Jacob and I started to play.

"Oh my God, yes!" I replied trying not to sing as I rocked on Jacob's meat.

Roger had seen me fuck many men and he never showed any jealousy but I've never quite reacted like this to any of the cocks that I've fucked. I wasn't sure if it was affecting him or not. When I fuck Roger this way his cock is long enough that it pushes up against the end of my vagina and against my G-spot. This was different, very different.

I regained some strength in my legs and was rocking back and forth and pulling myself up slightly so that Jacob's cock moved in and out and back and forth at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling and I was getting close again.

As I was fucking Jacob I couldn't keep my eyes off of Roger. His stare was intense and helping increase the intensity of my orgasm.

Back and forth and in and out, Jacob's cock was spreading my cunt wonderfully. Again, I reached down and started to diddle my clit and I knew that I wasn't going to last long. And judging by his reactions, I was sure that Jacob wasn't going to last long as well.

In and out I fucked Jacob's big meat, watching my husband watch me. I could feel my orgasm stirring in me and my breath shortened and I ground harder onto his cock.

"YES! YES! YESSSSSS!" I barked out as my cunt started to pulse and the jolts of electricity drove through my body. I tried to keep my eyes locked onto my husband's as I convulsed and jerked, every bit of energy flowing out my clit.

"OOOOOOHHHH...YESSSSSSS." I screamed, trying not to break eye contact with my husband. "OHHHHH GOD YES!!!" My pussy was convulsing uncontrollably.

"YES....YES....YES!" I barked as my orgasm stopped with a jolt.

I only could relax for a second as I sensed that Jacob was ready to blow and I quickly lifted myself from him, almost yanking my cunt from his fat cock and I spun around and dropped down to my knees beside him and wrapped my fingers around his sticky cock just in time to give it one tug and move in closely. His body shuddered and his fat cock erupted with a stream about 6 inches long shooting up above my head and landing across my face and forehead.

"AAAAARRRGGGHHH" He grunted as I pointed his cock toward my face and stroked him and the second long stream shot hard into my mouth and across my lips and nose. I pushed some of his cum out of my mouth with my tongue and let it dribble down onto my breasts as I continued stroking him and clamped my mouth around the tip again.

"AAARRRGGGHH" He grunted again and I tasted a third stream flow out onto my tongue and into the back of my throat as I milked every bit of cum from his quickly shriveling cock.

I swallowed as much as I could and let some dribble out of my mouth and down onto my chin. I could feel a thread of it hanging down from there as it was running from my face down onto my breasts. There was a lot of cum everywhere on my face and breasts.

I looked up at my husband to see his reaction. Jacob's cum was all over my face and dripping down in long strands to my breasts. I pushed the last little bit from my mouth out to my lips smiled at my husband and let it run down on my chin and down onto my breasts.

I was concentrating so much on the massive load of cum that Jacob had been shooting that I didn't notice that Roger had removed his clothes and sat back down, his cock standing firm and tall in his lap. I could see that his precum was dripping from his cock, the big head glistening in what little light there was in the room and he was stroking it slowly.

I stood up and turned to Jacob and blew him a cum-sloppy kiss and turned back to Roger and walked over to his chair and I stepped on both sides of his legs, straddling them and lowered myself down onto his hard cock. His 8 inches seemed to be longer than normal and the head stood like a mushroom on top of a very hard shaft. I reached down and guided it to my well-used cunt and I looked down at him and pushed that hard cock into my cunt until I had it all inside of me.

I reached up and massaged the sticky load of cum into my breasts and looked deeply in his eyes, grinding his cock deep into me.

"I'm so sticky from all of Jacob's cum." I said to tease him. "Are you going to give me a load too, Baby?" I was grinding him hard while I played with my nipples and breasts, Jacob's cum still dripping down from my face.

"MMMMMMM Your cock feels so deep. I can feel it pushing against me inside." I ground harder on him. "I want your cum inside. I want to feel you explode in me." I was now playing with the cum on my face and the long strand that was still hanging down from my chin.

"Thank you, Baby for letting me fuck his fat cock. And I love all his spunk covering me." I was purring now, the sticky cum now starting to dry and Roger's cock buried deep in my cunt. I was making myself hornier now and getting close to another orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, Baby..... Fuck me with that cock..... I need cum inside and out of me." I was getting close again and grinding his cock deep.

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up and turned around with me in the chair, my legs up over his shoulders now and he didn't say a word.

"Yes, Baby. Fuck me..... Fuck me hard." I knew that he would pound my pussy and I wanted him.

He pulled his cock out far enough that I could look down and see the mushroom-shaped head and the tip that was already drooling his precum.

"Baby..... please give it to me. Please fuck me." I purred at him, my hands pulling and twisting my sticky nipples. "I've got his cum all over me, just like you like." He was still pausing with his precum pooling on my clit.

He didn't say anything, he just rammed his cock deep into me. I could feel his balls slap against my ass.

"OOHHH!" I let out a loud sigh of pleasure. He had hit both my clit and my g-spot at the same time. My clit was standing so tall that his pelvic bone pushed against it and with my legs up in the air this way that mushroom cockhead pushed firmly against my g-spot.

He pulled all the way out again...... then rammed it into me again.

"ARGH!" I barked in pleasure.

"Please, Baby, give it to me." I pleaded.

He pulled out again and drove it deep....slowly at first, each time he pushed in deep he pinned my clit and g-spot.

Out again and in deep.

"Oh Baby!" I screamed. "FUCK ME!"

In and out..... in and out....

Faster and faster he pushed in, his weight and my position ensured that he hit deep every time. I was heading quickly toward a huge orgasm.

"YES! YES! YES! FUCK ME!" My breathing was short and shallow. I could feel my pussy start to tighten around his cock.


My pussy started to convulse and my legs stiffened as my cunt muscles clamped down hard on his cock.

"ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!" He grunted as he pushed deep. I could feel the tip of his cock pulsing against my g-spot, pumping his thick seed deep into me. I could feel the flood of warmth in me and I knew that he was pumping a huge load into me.

His cock pulsed about a dozen times in me and then I could feel it start to soften and he slowly pulled out. I looked down to watch and his slick and slimy cock was soft, but still had length to it and it hung down and as he stood up a final big drop oozed out of the tip and landed on my tummy.

There I lay on my back on the chair with my legs up in the air and spread, covered in dried cum from our friend and my pussy leaking my husband's spunk. I felt like the cheer leader who just got it from the football team. My cunt was well used and I smelled of sex and cum.

I loved it.

Roger laid a towel out on the floor and I carefully lowered my legs so not to leak and lowered myself down to my knees which put me at eye level with Roger's shiny and cum-slimy cock. I looked up at him and smiled and leaned in and sucked it down my throat.

"mmmmmmm" I purred as I licked and sucked it clean. It was still oozing cum that was both sweet and salty.

I happened to catch a movement out of the corner of my eye. JACOB! I forgot about Jacob. I couldn't believe myself and I looked over at him and his now hard again cock.

With a plop I let Roger's cock flop out of my mouth and I turned to our guest. "I see you're ready again."

"Well......" He said with hesitancy. "That was very sexy. I'd have to be dead not to be hard."

I smiled and said, "I'm full of cum now, but, if you'd like to step over here and think you can, I'd take one more load of cum."

He jumped up and slid right over next to Roger with his hard cock pointing straight out.

"Stroke it for me. I love to watch a man jack-off." Roger moved back over to the sofa and watched as I as leaned in close.

Jacob stroked his fat cock with abandon. I wasn't sure if he would produce more, but I'd give him one more chance.

"Let me see it Jacob. Let me see that cock burst with more of that hot cum." I teased my nipples, already covered in his dried cum. "Show my husband that his 'Little Cum-Bunny' deserves another load."

I looked up with big eyes at Jacob and coaxed him along. "Come on. Give me another load. Shoot it on my face..... shoot it in my mouth."

He stroked it furiously now, jacking hard. I didn't know if he would be able to give me one more load considering how much he shot earlier.

"Yeah Jacob. Let me see you shoot. I want it. I want your cum on my face." His face and his cock were turning bright red now. "Gimme your cum....give it to me, Big Boy."

I was pulling and twisting my nipples now. God I love to watch a man jack off. I love to watch how his cock changes the closer he gets. I love to watch as it starts to spurt and I especially love to have it land on me.

I moved a little closer. It turns me on so much to watch a man. I was getting close too. I reached down with one hand and found my clit and started to diddle it.

"Gimme that load......" I hung on the sound of the word 'load'. "Give it to me......"

My breath was short now and I was on the edge of one last orgasm.

"Shoot Jacob...... shoot in my mouth." I opened my mouth just inches from his cock and watched as he tensed up and I frigged my clit harder.

"AH! AH!" All I needed was to see and taste that cum and I was going to cum hard myself. It was hard to talk with my tongue stuck out waiting for it.

"GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR" He growled and he pulled his cock tight.

When he shot he shot like a fire hose – straight into my open mouth and onto my lips and tongue. One last shot.

"MMMMMMMM YESSSSS!" I managed to say through a mouthful of cum as my own orgasm washed through me. His spunk tasted and felt so good it sent me over the edge in a big way.

My pussy started to spasm and I pumped the Roger's cum out onto the towel. It was a huge rush feeling the hot spunk on in my mouth and the rush of Roger's cum literally shooting out of my pussy. I clamped my mouth around the head of his fat cock and tried not to bite down as I jerked and convulsed.

Jacob pulled his limp cock from me and fell back on the chair. I crumpled to the floor in exhaustion, his fresh cum drooling from my mouth and my husband's earlier load dripping from my pussy and pooling on the towel. I couldn't move.

"You like my 'Little Cum-Bunny', Jacob?" His voice pierced the long quiet. It was the only the second words Roger spoke since we sat down to play. "Do you understand why I love to play with her?"

"I do." Jacob managed to get out in a very breathless voice. "I do and I appreciate your sharing her with me."


We didn't see or hear from Jacob for a few months. We knew that he was struggling with the fidelity issues and we often wondered if his playing with me helped him at home, or hurt him. That's both the danger and the pleasure of playing with a married man. One hates to break up a marriage, but married men tend to be more discreet and much less of a pain in the ass than single men.

It was a Thursday again when Roger got the call on his cell phone from Jacob. He was back in town for the week and would be leaving again on Saturday. Jacob wondered if we were interested and available to get together. Roger told him that he'd have to double-check with me to make sure that I didn't have anything planned and he called me.

I was thrilled when Roger called and let me know that Jacob was in town, but I wondered out loud again as to whether the late call meant that it was going to be a fun evening or whether his guilt had caught up with him last time and he was going to end our short relationship. After all, the first time I had only sucked his cock. According to Bill Clinton, that wasn't sex. Most men can rationalize that a blowjob doesn't make them as guilty.

But the last time, not only did I fuck him, but I fucked him AND got two orgasms out of him. I wondered out loud if the guilt took over for him.

So, I told Roger to let Jacob know that we should meet him at his hotel. We could have drinks and dinner and go from there. I'd have to behave myself in the public place, but that would heighten the sexual tension even more. Given that he didn't call until the last minute, it would also give us a place to be comfortable if he was planning to tell us that he was no longer interested in playing.

Getting together with him was all I could think about that afternoon and by the time Roger got home I was very horny. I tried not to think about the potential that he was going to tell us that he couldn't deal with the guilt anymore and was going to end the sexual part of our friendship. But the thought of having his fat cock inside me kept me very horny and very wet.

I was kind of in a dream state that evening as Roger and I had dinner and puttered around the house. He didn't say anything to me, but he knew that I was thinking about fucking Jacob again.

When it came time to get ready for bed I went through my normal routine and slid under the sheets naked as usual. Roger was there already and he turned the TV and lamp off and snuggled close. Our normal routine has me lying on my back and Roger playing with my titties until we both relaxed enough to roll over fall asleep in a spoon position.

His hand felt so good tonight and my mind was not relaxing at all. I kept playing out last visit with Jacob over and over in my head. And I was not going to fall asleep easily.

Roger worked his hands over my titties, kneading and massaging. My nipples were hard and each time he brushed across them, it sent a shock wave right to my clit.

He pulled and twisted my nipples and with each touch I reacted. He knew that I was thinking about Jacob's cock and how good it would feel to have him deep in me.

His hand moved across my belly and down to my shaved pussy and he brushed his finger across my hard clit and I moaned. He shifted his position and he flicked his tongue across my hard nipple while he lightly diddled my clit. My breath was coming in short gasps as I was now well on my way toward orgasm.

He shifted again and was now on his knees next to me, his finger still working my clit very lightly and very effectively. He was close enough that he pushed the tip of his cock against my cheek. The tip was covered in his precum and I turned instinctively so that I could flick my tongue across the tip and taste it. I instinctively wrapped my lips around it as he was stroking his cock and his finger continued to bring me closer to orgasm.

As he massaged my clit I could hear the sloppiness of it. I knew that I was very wet. And having my lips around the head of his cock while he stroked it was so sexy and was taking me over the edge quickly. I could feel the intensity of his stroking increase and I knew that he was going to shoot. My own orgasm was peaking and I let loose of his cock with my lips as my mouth fell open and I moaned.

"AAAHHHHHHH.......YESSSSSSS" As I let out my moan Roger shot a long stream into my mouth, hitting the inside of my cheek and settling on my tongue. With his frantic jerking the second shot curled around my mouth and landed on my lips and cheeks. The warm salty spunk set my rockets off and I convulsed and jerked and he drove two fingers into my sopping wet cunt.

"YEEESSSSSSS" I screamed as my orgasm enveloped me, spitting his cum out of my mouth as I screamed. A third spurt from his cock landed on my breast and he fell back away from me.

I swallowed the rest of the load that had pooled in my mouth and a glow of relaxation flowed through my body. I took him by the hand and guided him to lay down with me, not even bothering to clean the spunk from my face and breast. As he slid beneath the covers with me I pulled him close in the spooning position and he wrapped his arm around me and cupped my cum-covered breast. I could feel his now soft cock oozing more juice against my ass and within a moment I was sound asleep.

The next morning I awoke very well rested. There's nothing like a good body-draining orgasm to induce a deep and restful sleep. As we got ready for work I started to think again about what could be happening tonight if everything went as I hoped it would. As Roger kissed me goodbye he told me to have a good day and try not to think too hard about tonight. He wasn't sure as to whether Jacob would be playing or giving us bad news. He said that he didn't want me to have my hopes dashed just in case something happened. One never knows – although the only way that Jacob's wife would find out is if he told her himself.

All through the day I tried my best to keep from thinking about it, but it was hard to do. My mind would wander off and I would imagine riding that fat cock and then I'd get jolted back into reality by something. I spent m
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