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The Best Anal I Ever Had
"Man, it looks like I'm murdering her!"

"Dude, it *sounds* like you're murdering her!"

At that moment, screaming in ecstasy around this stranger's hand buried inside my blood-soaked vagina, the hilarity of the whole night hit me all at once.

"I want to try sex again, but I'm also really heavily on my period."

Ah, bless my best friend, because he looked like I had just told him I'd magically pay off all his student loans. I was nervous asking him because I'd told him he'd probably never get his dick in me because at 8 inches it's an inch and a half too much. But, since he's been such a good friend to me through my ups and downs and recent grey-asexual year, I figured he was the safest bet for reintroducing myself to sex.

"I haven't had sex in four months. Let's try anal."

He just laughed; he knows I'm not very into anal play. For me it's much more about learning to control my body than anything else. Bleeding out of one hole is more than enough. So, after we showered- and his mother accidentally saw me naked because he'd left the door open- we went to his room and I came around his three fingers in my ass. But, when he tried his dick right after, it felt like he was going to rip me open, even though it's narrower than 3 fingers. Someone explain that to me please?

"Dude, just come up and talk to me, it's not like you haven't seen me naked before."

As I lay there recovering and pondering my body's paradoxes, my friend invited his buddy up to talk because texting and calling simply weren't dissipating their half-baked plans for that evening. I just kept telling him to reply, "Go away, I'm getting laid," but noooooo, that would be ruuuuuuuude. So I grabbed a blanket and had a good laugh at the rather shocked guy who barged in.

"Oh! Well that explains a lot!"

Yes it does, Stranger, yes it does. As do your and my friends' interactions. I'm so glad I can read situations and trust this friend so much. I gathered very quickly that they've had group sex together before, and as they talked, I let the blanket drop from my breasts. Stranger turned away modestly at first, and then was able to carry the conversation on without ogling or awkwardness. At a lull in their planning, I said that I've always sworn if someone walked in on me I'd just invite them to join, but I'm not sure what his power role is, and am on my period really heavily and haven't had sex in four months. To my amazement, he's a switch and doesn't mind period blood. Honestly I'm not sure he realized what I meant by *really heavily.* So, I suggested we all grab dinner and then head back to my place because my friend's mother was still home.

"Oh, SHIT! It looks like I just killed a small animal! My carpet is ruined!"

Okay, maybe even *I* didn't realize what I meant by *really heavily*. I took a month off birth control to help my body reset and keep the pills effective longer. I'd been wading in blood for two days, but I was not expecting the iconic scene from *Carrie* to happen when I popped my Feeldoe out of my vagina. A few treatments of salt/water paste and Resolve later, that animal doesn't look freshly murdered on my golden carpet anymore. At least the blood was a lot easier to get off the enormous mirror I have mounted as a headboard, and the walls, and the navy blue "sex towel" protecting the navy blue sheets I bought specifically because I am the reluctant owner of a fully functioning uterus.

"Man, I wish my ex fucked me like that."

"Man I wish my ex had let me fuck him like that."

Too exhausted to lift our heads to exchange grins, Stranger and I just wiggled our toes at each other. We lay on our backs, heads pointing opposite directions, legs intertwined, after some surprisingly intimate and incredibly lustful pegging. My friend just stood, awed and aroused, next to the full-body easel mirror he'd adjusted for us to have a side view of my bright red dick reaming his buddy's ass hole. Too bad my friend's butt wasn't ready for me to throw on another badly scented condom and make his insides smell like bananas. Later, the stranger told me that I'm the best anal he's ever had. I laughed and said he's only the second guy and sixth time I've pegged. I also waved it off, saying that an impossibly hard dick was cheating. He chuckled and said he couldn't wait until I got some new batteries in the bullet embedded behind the balls on it. He also repeated himself, saying that I was the best anal he'd ever had because his clients rarely cared about his pleasure, and his ex girlfriend hadn't had a feeldoe, so he couldn't feel it when she came, and she didn't get nearly as much pleasure out of it as I had gotten. Cumming together the first time we coupled was awfully startling in the best way.

"You're also the first dom I've ever had."

Oh, shit, Stranger, really? And I'm the first woman you've felt was competent enough to submit to? In the words of Nicki Minaj, he biggin' up my ego. I'm not looking to be particularly involved with anyone, but damn if I'm going to pass up someone who's reasonably respectful, caring, vouched for so heartily by my best friend, and can take my dick in their ass like that. I don't take that sort of trust lightly, and clearly this is the start of something most giddying. Now if only he didn't have a nine inch dick!
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