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Hot Summer. Hotter Mom
As the credits were rolling indicating the end of the show, Chrystal, headed to the guest bathroom while George went to his own. He decided he needed a quick shower since he had been working on his classic 1941 Universal Army Jeep, and while he was showering he may as well shave. Chrystal loved the spicy, manly smell of his Old Spice and he loved Chrystal and Jimmy like his family and he was in the mood for some daddy-daughter incest.

Chrystal and George were better matched than her and Jim ever were. She had suggested to Jim they try role play, with his response being "Why aren't I good enough as I am?" She suggested toys "Why aren't I enough?" She suggested rough sex, "Why would I slap my wife's ass, tie her up, pull her hair and blindfold her" do I look that sick?" One night she asked him to fist her, "Fat chance, I would hurt you!" So finally she resigned herself to a vanilla life with Jim at least until Jimmy grew up.

But George, on the other hand was into kinky, dirty, unusual sex, and he was ecstatic to be with a hot baby, more than half his age! 'God, he's an animal,' Chrystal thought.

Then as she was coming to bed she heard the shower, and since she was already naked and George had a foot fetish, Chrystal decided to join him.

Maybe let him pin her to the shower wall and shove his 7" salami into her warm, wet bun. Then wash her newly manicured feet. She was positive if they had shower sex he would get hard again just looking at her dark red toenails and a little foot play (plus he had a supply of 'little blue pills'!).

Chrystal had just stepped into the shower as George was rinsing off. With his hearing aids on the counter he wasn't aware of her until she stuck her finger in his ass eliciting a deep groan from him and he instantly leaned over. He hadn't entirely rinsed off so with soapy water running down his crack, Chrystal had no problems ass fucking him.

Her finger would slide in to her palm then she would rub his prostate before sliding it out, then she would repeat the action until he was almost ready to cum "OK you wrinkled up old fucker, now that you're primed turn around an d pound my cunt!"

Even though he was deaf as a fence post, George knew what Chrystal wanted and gave it to her hard! In and out his 7" piece of steel went. He would be surprised if Chrystal didn't have imprints of the shower tiles on her ass when he was done. He reached for her tits and twisted the nipples until she cried in Joy.

Chrystal loved to be man handled she wanted it to hurt, and she knew George would hurt her, but love her too, and that combination was heaven.

After working all day dispensing TLC to sick patients, Chrystal relished in Georges rough love. She knew after the shower, he would get out, hand her a towel, she would dry him then herself, and then he would lead her to bed, lay her down before going to the foot to worship her nice clean tootsies.

She knew he would stand at the foot and degrade her, calling her slut, cunt, whore, bitch, his cum dump, cunt fucker, shit eating ass licker, while slipping his tongue between each toe and at the same time massaging her aching insteps. Oh she wanted Jimmy to get to college so there'd be a lot more less stressful sleepovers like tonight.


As she lay atop the covers with her legs in the air, her cunt lips flapping open and the nasty picnic pitch oozing down the crack of her ass to pool on the bed spread, George stood at the bottom of the bed holding her foot and yelling "You crusty cunted whore,why aren't you down at Mcfeely's tavern giving away blowjobs to the fucking winos"? "You are about as useful as birth control for nuns." After he had abased her, he removed his false teeth and sucked half of her foot into his mouth, tickling Chrystal's just washed instep with his tongue.

After worshiping both feet, staring awestruck at her beautiful red tipped toes and abasing her so she felt lower than snail shit, George was a happy camper, and crawld up so he was eye to twat with her steaming, bubbling caldron of a cunt and buried his whole face in her slick slit. Damn he was in hog heaven as her mustiness overpowered his senses leaving him dumbstruck!

With his teeth out, George could wrap his whole mouth around her cunt lips, squeeze them together and tease Crystal's prominent inch long clit with the tip of his tongue driving her insane. Then letting the lips relax enter the musty, dark, humid marsh lying between her shapely thighs. Whew, as sweat cascaded off his forehead and into his eyes, George realized he wasn't a young Sergeant on leave in some French whorehouse anymore, but a 67 year old widower, trying to keep up with a frisky 30 something woman, shit he was so worn out he couldn't even remember hers age.

If you expect me to rise to the occasion and fuck you again this century, you'd better bring a defibulator over next time."

"Baby, I don't expect anything, I'm content with just laying next to you talking, kissing, feeling. You don't need to fuck me all the time...just once a day!" and they both laughed.

Chrystal lay on her left side with her heads on his cheats and her left leg thrown across his stomach, playing idly with the sparse hair on his chest, nipping his nipple now and then. They lay there quietly for a few minutes then just as George was drifting off. She whispered "Busby, what am I going to do about my son? He is going to start school and I have no doubt he will do good in his classes, but with his lack of social skills and his immaturity, it scares me to think of how his class mates will treat him/"

Sleepily, George replied "I have been giving it some thought and if you just let me take him I will call my old friend from Camp Pendleton and see if they can enlist him.,."

Chrystal jumped up in the bed, "I DON'T WANT HIM IN THE MARINES!"

"Just calm your hysterical ass down and let me..."

"He's got a scholarship to Stanford, and unless you plan on sending him, on my salary at the hospital I'll never be able to ...."

"Will you let me finish for Pete's sake, no Just be quiet until I'm done, can you do that or do I need to use the duct tape again?"

Chrystal remembered how the Duct tape felt as it was ripped from her pubic hair last night and said " OK, Sweetheart, I'm sorry, go on"

"As I was saying, I will call my buddy, the Base commander at Camp Pendleton, and see if he will slap him into shape, 'enlist' him, so to speak, treat him as if he is just another recruit, work him like all the others"

"Hm that might work I suppose."

"Yes at least he will be away from you"

"Ooooooo, Daddy you expect any more of this" Chrystal pointed at her creamy cunt, 'anytime this decade?"

He laughed and she sighed because she knew it would be punishing her too.

Chrystal was just nodding of, thinking George was done for the night when he began to run his hands over her body.
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